Parasyte – Episode 4

Oh jeez Parasyte had a great episode big woop snore. This episode had tons of great small sequences and was smart as fuck, so there’s only really the one awkward thing to talk about – the music. I didn’t have much of a problem with it in the first three episodes, but it felt particularly obnoxious this week – the first fight and the dramatic music used for Ryoko’s scene with Shinichi were particularly poorly scored. The show’s still great though, so eh, I’ll live.


Fall 2014 – Week 4 in Review

With two more shows dropped this week, it’s looking like I’m finally approaching some kind of sustainable schedule. Thursdays are still goddamn ridiculous, and who knows if I’ll ever catch up on Mushishi, but the weekend is starting to look kind of manageable at this point. All the shows I’m most enjoying are still extremely impressive – Shirobako, KimiUso, FSN, and Bahamut all put out possibly their best episodes this week, and Parasyte held pretty steady. Let’s run them down!

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Sword Art Online II – Episode 16

I actually liked this one! It wasn’t, you know, mindblowing or anything, but it moved well, had some great fight animation, and the jokes actually landed for me. This one gets to join Sinon’s introduction and the last episode of GGO in the “maybe you’re not so bad after all, SAO” pile.

Sword Art Online

Log Horizon 2 – Episode 4

We apparently entered some kind of localized reality inverter this week, as absolutely nothing happened in Log Horizon while Sword Art Online was actually a bunch of fun. Bow before my ability to spin entire articles out of “this week, nothing happened.” BOW.

Log Horizon

Parasyte – Episodes 1-3

My catch-up article on Parasyte is posted, where I scratch at a few of the things that make this show so damn engaging. It’ll be nice to actually get to dig into a show with some thematic richness on ANN – I did that somewhat last season as well, but nobody was actually watching Shounen Hollywood and very few of Barakamon/SAO’s fans seemed interested in that stuff, so this might be the first time this stuff is actually welcome. Hurray!


Fall 2014 – Week 3 in Review

At the beginning of fall, this year was not really looking good. I had maybe five or six shows I’d be comfortable putting on a top shows list, and the fall season featured a lineup of ambiguous sequels and unknown originals. But holy shit has this season overperformed like crazy. This lineup is a goddamn bounty of riches – there’s at least four shows that would be comfortable top picks in any normal season (Shirobako, KimiUso, Parasyte, Rage of Bahamut), and the shows immediately below this aren’t even that far off – I could easily see Fate/stay night, Amagi, or Psycho-Pass 2 overperforming and vaulting over the competition at any time. Fall seasons tend to be fairly stacked in general, but this one in particular is one of the best seasons I’ve seen. It’s a good time to love cartoons!

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Terror in Resonance and the Shadow Children

“When heaven has a line around the corner,
we shouldn’t have to wait around and hope to get in
if we can carpenter a home in our heart right now
and carve a palace from within.”
The Antlers

“Tramps like us, baby we were born to run.”
Bruce Springsteen

The world is against us, but the world is at our backs. The future could be ours, or there might just not be a future. There’s no “outside” of what we’re escaping, but we move forward anyway. Our only certainties are the wind, the darkness, and the distant horizon.

We live in the shadow of a great and terrible machine. That’s Terror in Resonance’s opening assumption; an assumption the show often takes very literally. Its characters weave in and out of society’s sunlit face and shadowed reality, and the rigidity of our modern social order is perhaps the show’s single constant antagonist. Whether they struggle against it or accept its presence, it is always there, always dictating the lives they may live. Terror in Resonance is a story of adolescent rebellion and societal alienation. It is a story of what the world demands of us, and what we become in its eyes. It is a story of anyone who is cast as a child by the world, and of the things only children can do.

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