Attack on Titan – Episode 7

Ohey, it’s Titan. Also known as “that show you should probably comment on in the first hour because holy fuck there are already 300 comments.” So I guess I kind of screwed that one up. POWER THROUGH.

Episode 7

1:58 – Full recap of show so far accomplished in two minutes, further demonstrating the ridiculousness of recap episodes. How about instead of recap episodes, from now on we just get 23 minute videos of show creators profusely apologizing for not making a real episode that week? That sounds more watchable to me

4:17 – I’ve had a number of conversations this week that basically come down to people telling me I’m underestimating Titan, and that it actually has some intellectual weight behind it. So this week, I’ll be trying to see if I can draw some depth out of everyone’s favorite action spectacle. And here’s the first potential clue in that direction – the commander hiding behind orders to justify his retreat from the front. Obviously, both this kind of action and the opposite action in heroes (“I can’t follow orders, they’re dying out there!”) are pretty much cliches at this point, but lines similar to this have appeared a few times so far, so I’ll be interested in seeing if the show is actually generally condemning these dehumanizing and blame-dividing mechanical systems, and promoting individuality and humanity in the course of war. We’ll see

5:07 – Why are they hiding in a room that faces the windows?

6:16 – Connie and Jean bickering. I really like them including scenes with none of the main three present – I think a show like this will work better if their squad really is an ensemble cast

7:48 – And they actually take the time to check in with the entire squad. Nice. I like all of this

10:54 – “I’ll fight them all alone. You’re all just cowards.” It actually kind of strains my understanding of Mikasa’s character to have her be this good at manipulating people. Her completely internalizing Eren’s death and showing no emotion, that I totally buy – but instantly becoming an effective drill sergeant? I dunno

110:6 – “Unless I fight, I cannot win.” And then they completely dispel my complaint by overtly linking her statements here to the first thing Eren ever taught her. Damnit

13:40 – Deft transition to the splash page (goddamnit I forgot the name again) here. An understated cliffhanger, with the footsteps continuing into the “we’ll be right back.” Nice work

14:55 – Yesss, more Jean scenes. I don’t need characters who start out badasses, I need the slow burners

15:20 – “This world is merciless, and it’s also very beautiful.” Another thematic line the show could follow, but I’m pretty certain the show has no interest in making this a thing

17:55 – Well isn’t this an interesting development

Also, I wanted to comment earlier that I really like how clumsy and grotesque the Titan’s actions are, as if to hammer in what an arbitrary natural predator they are for humanity, but I wasn’t willing to pause what was easily, pretty far and away the best scene of the series so far. Pretty much every single thing worked in that “Mikasa regains her resolve” scene, and I really couldn’t be more impressed with its pacing, direction, or tone. That’s one I’ll remember at the end

19:38 – Ahaha, following the flying head. Man, I guess you gotta let this show indulge itself sometimes

21:30 – Why would you THROW THE BLADE AWAY? Mikasa, there is a time and a place for dramatic gestures, and it is NOT WHEN YOU ARE ABOUT TO BE EATEN BY FUCKING TITANS

And Done

Very solid episode! No complaints from me – the character development was good, it pulled in the whole cast to further what I’m pretty sure will be this series’ trump card (tactical ensemble drama/action sequences), some neat twists, and some of the best-directed segments so far. I actually think this was pretty solidly my favorite episode so far; this time the show was firing on all cylinders, and reigned in all of its melodramatic impulses to pull off some really effective dramatic turns. I’m eager to see whatever happens next