Hataraku Maou-sama! – Episode 13

And so we find our shift coming to an end.

Hataraku Maou-sama! has been a number of things over this season. It’s been a takedown of the fantasy genre (briefly), an everyday slice of life sitcom (frequently), a backwards jab at our current society (very occasionally), a character-focused comedy (constantly), and an action/drama (when it really feels like it). No show has forced me to adjust my expectations so often – sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. There were moments when I thought it was getting pretty damn ambitious, but ultimately I’m happy enough with it settling for being well-written, smartly paced, and endlessly likeable. It couldn’t be a more obvious choice for a second season, so I suspect we’ll be seeing these characters again soon, but even still, I hope this last episode gives them the sendoff they deserve.

Episode 13

0:56 – “I have to return to Ente Isla. I’m sorry.” I love when this show just plays a dumb genre scene completely straight. It’s like the joke is “we don’t have to make a joke here, these stupid overwrought anime parting scenes are a joke already.” If you find boob size jokes more funny than this, I don’t know what to say to you

1:45 – Chucking Sariel through the gate by his foot is a nice gag. I also like that they’re just summarizing the aftermath this time, and that they’re starting the episode off with the underlying question of whether the status quo will end. This show is always solid on the fundamentals

3:47 – “Truly, we are star crossed lovers…” The joke isn’t great, but the musical accompaniment is. This show’s soundtrack is almost as good as its expressions

7:00 – “Just checking up on him? Isn’t it about time you two stopped making excuses to one another?” I AGREE. How many light novels is this series, again?

I know, it’s somewhere around eight. Don’t remind me – goddamn serial entertainment…

7:17 – “He slaughtered my whole village – I can’t forgive him for that.” Oh come on. I have waited NINE EPISODES for this goddamn conflict to progress, and they decide to remember it now? You are a cruel bastard, Maou

Again, I know, serial entertainment and all that, but I can’t help feeling that aside from introducing Suzuno, we might as well just now be reaching episode 6 actual-narrative-wise

8:23 – I love how Emi coming in doesn’t make Maou feel guilty at all, but as soon as Asriel enters he realizes he’s being fawned over by two girls. Asriel truly is best general

11:58 – This episode’s getting some good mileage out of actually subtle dramatic expressions. Nice to see they can use their facial powers for good as well as evil

17:53 – “Why is a demon general getting worked up over working for an evil corporation, anyway?” Aw man. They were doing so well, and then they had to explain the damn joke. Tragedy

20:21 – I really didn’t expect this last episode to be entirely dedicated to Lucifer falling for an internet scam, but it’s somehow kind of appropriate

22:23 – Love this ED singer’s voice in all her stuff

23:12 – Cute circle – befriending Emi cost him his umbrella and befriending Suzuno cost him Dullahan, but here Emi is getting his back

And Done

Hah! That’s all we get. Well, they certainly are confident in that second season – this one didn’t resolve shit.

Anyway, kinda funny and random final episode – Someday in the Rain level of anticlimax there, where it’s just another day in their meandering lives. It certainly wasn’t a highlight, but it wasn’t trying to be. I think it worked.