Sunday Without God – Episode 1

Let’s watch derpy anime: Sunday hangover edition. This PV and synopsis looked extremely Crime Edge to me, which I am comfortable with. I won’t be covering this one (if anything, this season’s comedy writeup will be Free!, though that show’s joke might be very killable if I overdo it), but basically everybody is getting a first episode writeup because fuck the police. Let’s DO IT.

Episode 1

0:17 – Oh no, our village is under attack by the Dark Flame Master

Very pretty, though

1:27 – One minute in and we already have a “lolis kicked” count. I like where this is going

2:07 – “Good luck getting over your mother’s death. By the way, from now on you’ll be burying people for a living”

4:12 – Does that shovel actually have a scoop side, or is it just a spear? How do shovel work

5:58 – Heaven too crowded, so the dead no longer die? That’s a kinda neat premise

6:42 – And the gravekeeper thing could actually lead to some ideas about mortality and the value of life. Not that I think this isn’t just a flavorful shell for a standard battle/fantasy thriller thing (that OP really seemed to lean in that direction), but it could go places

I generally dislike these “start with the ending then rewind and lead back up to that moment” intros, though. Not much suspense when we know exactly where this is going; now I just want them to get on with it

7:17 – “Please do not feed the gravekeepers.” This is pretty funny stuff. The self-serious tone before helped the “alright, be dignified”-“here, have some candy” 1-2 punch land. Having a decent sense of humor seems like one of the hardest things for an anime to pull off, so this is a good sign

13:48 – Wow, they actually acknowledge how ridiculous her father’s name is

14:48 – “We were fated to meet!” “You have no intention of holding a conversation with me, do you?” Of all the things I expected from this show, it having an actually well-articulated sense of humor was pretty low on the list. Pretty impressed

18:00 – Huh! I thought that whole sequence was pretty well done – particularly the ways they hid while actually highlighting the man’s injury, culminating in that grotesque attempt to cover it with his hood. Also nice to see them actually using the “people don’t die anymore” in an unsettling way.

23:07 – Oh god dat Engrish ED make it stawp

And Done

That wasn’t bad! I liked the humorous parts, I liked the background design, and the world could maybe have an actual point to it. The tall dark stranger’s outfit and shtick were about as cliché as they come, and it doesn’t have Crime Edge’s signature weirdness, but it could turn out to be actually good, if the snappy humor keeps up and the plot goes somewhere interesting. Sunday Without God survives the first pass!

One thought on “Sunday Without God – Episode 1

  1. I likewise appreciated the humour, and I think the premise is pretty cool. I have to say though, I’m really not a big fan of the MCs character design. This is just personal taste, but I think our 12-year old looks several years younger than she actually is, probably mostly because even for anime, her head is way too large for her body. I get that this is likely in an effort to be moe, but it reminds me a little too much of the bobble-headed character designs of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni.

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