C3-bu – Episode 4

This show was solidly three-episode-ruled out, but now the threads are all saying it’s gone completely nuts, which seems much better than the other thing it was going. Let’s see it!

Episode 4

1:48 – Nice, changing the OP to match the dramatic turns. I like that, but it’s not why I picked this back up. What’s gonna happen today…

2:44 – “The world around me transformed into a desert battlefield.” Oh god it’s not just a metaphor. She actually cray

3:01 – “Am I weird?” “Drink your tea, dear.”

3:28 – “The winner is the one who has the most fun.” What kind of bullshit hippy-dippy rules you playing by, Kanbaru?

5:50 – Jeez, she is seeing all kinds of shit . I am all for a moe SoL where the protagonist is literally driven insane by how idyllic her high school life is

7:04 – “Would you want to talk to him if he appeared to you?” Jesus christ don’t give her any ideas

7:30 – “He died too early for a girlfriend.” Virgin spirits. The most powerful kind

10:00 – “Then you and the target will be zero meters away.” That’s gotta be the most incoherent morale speech I’ve ever heard

10:05 – And the show admits it. Good stuff

10:44 – The other girl just derping in the background  is really stealing this scene. This episode’s a lot funnier than the last couple

11:51 – what 

13:40 – Oh god her delusions are talking to her oh god

15:04 – What is even

15:47 – “Will you help me?” “I will!” When did this become Escaflowne what is happening

16:18 – “Yours is a great power that can assimilate the world.” When did this become Haruhi what is happening

17:12 – “Choujiro? My teacher called the gun that.” When did this become Bleach what is happening

17:48 – “You should decide whether you want to leave him to his fate or help him.” No, you should seek medical attention

18:07 – “I got a call saying he was killed in action.” WHAT is this show DOING

20:03- WHAT 

20:23 – Cute girls doing cute things 

21:36 – “Didn’t he survive?” So now she changes history with her airsoft delusions

And Done

Holy fuck I hope they’re committing to this. This show is WAY better than the other one. Oh man that was ridiculous. Gainax, you literally waited until the last possible moment to impress me – the episode after I decide to drop the show, you just go insane. Fantastic.

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  1. Even though we have very different tastes and opinions I find myself coming back because of how funny you can make things.

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