The World God Only Knows S3 – Episode 6

Well, last episode was funny and unique and pretty adorable. We now have two goddesses left, with in my opinion the girls from the first and second seasons’ most memorable arcs possibly hosting them. But as long as Keima keeps up his business-time Lelouch impression, I’ll probably be happy whatever this episode does.

Episode 6

1:42 – Shiori’s got some fairly understanding priorities there. Dating other men while crossdressing is pretty much fine, but breaking your promise? 

2:21 – It does somewhat strain credulity to think any of these unrealistically prim high school girls aren’t more worried about the glaring gaps in their memories . Because obviously I watch this show for its grounded narrative consistency

2:26 – Of course Shiori would get the loli goddess 

4:38 – Is Keima just pot committed to crossdressing  at this point? Or does he just feel more comfortable in a skirt now? Whatever dude, just askin’

4:43 – The ultimate betrayal.  Seriously though Shiori, I know that feel – give someone your manuscript and you expect a little goddamn courtesy

5:06 – Shiori’s arguments with herself are awesome . Like Watamote if Tomoko weren’t creepy and hateful

5:40 – Well there’s one explanation. Keima’s finally fuckin’ lost it 

6:27 – Keima timed this out well 

7:32 – Shiori hides in books, is amazed at a system that allows her to avoid human contact while ordering, and considers a good meal the best reason to be alive. This story’s starting to hit a little too close to home…

8:57 – Keima – once the distant and lofty protagonist assisted by the fawning Elsie, now proudly declaring victory in a wig, flanked by the indifferent Haqua . How far he’s come

11:46 – Don’t we all . So this is an episode about storytelling within a show that is itself a satire based on storytelling conventions, apparently

13:18 – “Writing is impossible unless I get a flash of inspiration.” Hate to tell you, Shiori, but writing doesn’t actually work that way

13:51 – Shiori’s sections are a lot of fun . This season has been such a step up from the first two in general

15:41 – Wrong attitude, Shiori . You don’t have to write about yourself, but fiction is inherently narcissistic – if you’re going to push yourself through hundreds of pages and months of editing, you have to believe your thoughts are goddamn fascinating. Don’t give me this self-pitying shit!

16:35 – “Katsuragi-kuuuUuUuuUUuuun!” Her constantly breaking voice is pretty great

20:02 – Hm. Well, Shiori, I admire the effort, but… frankly, I agree with your first instincts. Your life is incredibly boring

20:44 – Oh come on Keima, don’t patronize the poor girl . Can we get a second opinion  here?

And Done

Eh, that was okay. More of a conventional story than Yui’s, and with none of the manic energy of the earlier parts. Shiori’s inner monologue was the standout here, I think – the story’s actual resolution felt kinda bland to me, and too much like one of the routine stories this show is normally about taking apart. But Shiori’s a very fun character to follow, and I still enjoyed this episode. Onward!