The World God Only Knows S3 – Episode 9

Who’s ready for some tears? I’m ready for some tears. Keima’s been getting away with this date-juggling for too long, and I think it’s time for the hammer to fall. Bring on the waterworks.

Episode 9

0:12 – It begins!  You might not like what you find, Ayumi!

2:49 – Oh god that expression.  Yeah, I know that feeling.

Chihiro is maybe the only capture-girl Keima actually seems to have real conversations with, and not just lines from that archetype’s script. I guess that’s the consequence of her being defined as the “normal” girl

3:07 – Jeez, this scene is really good.  Most romantic comedies that actually want you to care about the romance can’t pull together scenes this refreshingly grounded and honest

…yeah, you know what I’m talking about 

3:47 – NO!  BAD Katsuragi! We do not shove girls onto benches!

3:59 – Keima seems even more shook up than usual.  And look, he’s learned about consent!

4:15 – ABORT. ABORT.  Man, now I don’t want any delicious tears. These two are actually pretty adorable together


5:59 – NO it is NOT oh my GOD be a decent person 

6:37 – She actually likes Katsuragi , and not one of his endless variations on debonair MC-kun. A new experience for him

7:42 – Ermahgerd this is such a good direction to take this.  Keima’s greatest challenge – a girl who likes him for him


8:40 – Keima no stop u breakin my heart 




WHYYYokay I’ll stop 

9:56 – Seriously holy shit this scene.  That was awful.

10:22 – Don’t even try it Keima . This is gonna be one satisfying slap

10:35 – Aw man even better.  HIT HIM AGAIN

Incidentally, I realize Keima’s working for the ostensible “greater good” here, but… fuck it, HIT HIM AGAIN

10:55 – Aw, Keima.  His position really is pretty terrible

11:58 – Oh goddamnit Diana , can’t you see Keima is not in the mood? 

12:23 – This is actually how goddesses think love science works 

13:03 – This scene is pretty great . Diana is a bad friend

14:00 – Is Keima even going to be able to go back to games after this arc?  Chihiro has pretty definitely shown the consequences of toying with people like this

14:16 – Suffering yesss 

20:50 – Oh right the plot has to go somewhere once we’ve found the goddesses 

21:35 – IT’S ALL CONNECTED . I actually love the silliness of these deductions

21:57 – Brilliant! 

And Done

Christ. That was even more tragic than I could have imagined. Goddamn was that Chihiro scene exhausting.

It’s nice to see Keima actually cracking, and also being forced to do some legitimately horrible things for the sake of the mission. Apparently toying with people’s emotions isn’t all fun and games after all!

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  1. I was literally screaming NO at the screen when I was watching the Chihiro scene. WHYYYYYYYYYYYY????? KEIMA YOU DICK

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