The World God Only Knows S3 – Episode 10

Keima how are you going to make this okay. Last episode sucked. And by sucked I mean it was clearly the best thing this series has ever done, holy shit TWGOK when did you get this good. Keima is finally suffering real consequences from constantly manipulating people, and the show’s not pulling any punches. I’m glad they’re also revealing how tired of all this he’s become – he isn’t just an asshole, and the fact that his standard system of dealing with the world has deeply hurt someone clearly weighs on him. I hope they don’t give that weariness up – frankly, I like shows that put their characters through the emotional gauntlet, and I’d like to see more cracks appear in Keima’s heretofore close to unflappable confidence. This is honestly the last show I thought I’d be hoping would take its characters emotions seriously, but last episode was a complete game-changer.

Of course now that I’ve said that, we’re gonna have a wacky misunderstanding festival date episode or something, right?

Episode 10

0:12 – Uh oh.[1]   Looks like he’ll have to use… that

Gawd that line’s so trashy. Can’t believe they used it in Gargantia

0:19 – Yeah I’m still good for another few of these[2]  

0:32 – Predator mode activated[3]  

2:38 – Will Keima’s talents ever stop emerging?[4]  

3:04 – And we’re back into anime archetype land[5]  . Sure, he callously mocked my best friend’s feelings – but he might like me!


3:42 – This director really loves Ayumi’s boobs[7]  

3:49 – Seriously though these shots[8]  

5:17 – Oh god Chihiro’s scenes are like pulling teeth make it stop[9]  

6:10 – Maybe if you hadn’t shut her down in the dickest way possible this wouldn’t be a problem[10]  

7:08 – This isn’t wacky at all[11]  

7:34 – NOW he chooses honesty? Yeah, seriously[12]  

7:53 – I really could get used to this.[13]   Also love Keima’s incredibly terrible plan here

9:12 – Yeah jeez,[14]   how dare she be honest with Chihiro

10:09 – Still not seeing the wackiness[15]  

10:34 – Well crap.[16]   This escalated quickly

11:17 – Aw, Haqua gets her big damn hero moment[17]  

15:03 – It’s a self-aware harem comedy romance battle shounen[18]  

16:26 – Maybe my favorite line of the show.[19]   Look, we’re not making Shakespeare here, alright?

17:23 – Wow, this really brings[20]   the harem masculine savior fantasy thing to a whole new level

18:09 – A third-act peace offering from the loose cannon who doesn’t play by the rules?[21]   Hey, if the narrative shoe fits, wear it

19:27 – Ooh, good trick.[22]   Totally forgot about that

20:16 – Aw, just let her join the damn team.[23]   This show’s a big jerk

And Done

Welp, guess it’s endgame time. I’m glad they haven’t just dropped the significance of Chihiro’s situation – this episode certainly wasn’t very kind, but that’s vastly preferable to just dropping her character to focus on the derpy fantasy stuff (I agree with Ayumi, it could use a rewrite). As I’ve said before, her and Keima seem to possess actual chemistry, and not just senpai-noticed-me archetype-versus-MC level chemistry. I would be happy to see her be a more regular presence going forward.

Anyway, aside from that it was a pretty workmanly episode, mainly lifted by its best gags (Elsie once again works incredibly well in small doses). Looks like we’re well on our way to the thrilling finale.


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  1. I don’t think Keima actually loves any of these girls. But what he does feel toward them is a sense of responsibility, the sense of responsibility a doctor has toward his patients. If you read the manga or watch the earlier seasons in this show, you will note that Keima has shown this sense of responsibility toward them from the start. In this regard, I don’t see any real change in Keima’s personality. What he said at they very start of the series is that reality is a crappy game. Now we know why he said it. His problem is that he is getting a heavy dose of the reality he despises.

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