The World God Only Knows S3 – Episode 12

Keima you better not fuck this up I swear to god. Although I don’t know how he can avoid screwing this up – Chihiro’s basically demanding he give up on the system he’s relied on so far, and actually falling in love with the girls isn’t necessarily any better than his usual shenanigans. Plus screw Ayumi who cares about her anyway. Alright. Gotta maintain some distance here. Can’t let this shit get to me. Gotta stay cool.[1]

Agh can’t do it Chihiro better win. I know the manga is ongoing, and they still have to actually resolve the goddess stuff (though at this point it’s pretty clear the point of this arc has been merely to complicate the standard structure, not actually replace it). But I don’t give a crap about any of that. Keima and Chihiro are funny and adorable together, and she’s the only non-demon he seems comfortable being his usual abrasive self with. I know this show’s largely a comedy, but give me a hint of real romance and I will not be satisfied with anything but. Pander to me, show. PANDER TO ME.

Episode 12

1:09 – I said “largely” a comedy [2]

1:26 – He will never let go [3]

1:47 – Look, guys, you’re still both right there. [4] Wave your arms around, christ

2:12 – Forever and ever [5]

2:24 – Chew on this, inferior girl fans [6]

2:51 – They have so much in common [7] . Seriously, if there’s a fourth season and she isn’t upgraded to series regular, I will riot

Incidentally, silly best girl stuff aside, they really are giving her quite the role in this season. An assistant who provides actual pushback and romantic tension (sorry Haqua, you’re not quite there) gives the whole show a richer dynamic

3:11 – Hey, the boat! [8] Maybe now we’ll find out what that lady we saw five seconds of in the conquest flashback has been up to

I guess it’s a necessary consequence of the skipped material, but it’s still pretty funny that her and the teacher have basically just been looming and monologuing gravely and pointlessly this entire season

3:45 – Why would you let him go? [9]

4:31 – Pretty great. [10] Reaching the point where even Keima has to reach out for help

5:56 – Yeah, seriously [11] . Although at least he was actually honest and direct

6:20 – Loving this. [12] Describes her situation, this entire arc, and Keima’s fundamental personality issues all at once. Reaaally good stuff

6:59 – So he’s just powering through on sheer force of romance cliches? [13]

8:28 – No one appreciates his craft [14]

8:52 – Key line, though they’re really having to burn through what’s certainly Keima’s most important character moment in the series [15] . However much he stacks the deck, it still can’t all be him

10:17 – Oh look, it’s… that person! [16]

10:57 – Don’t ask me dude, I’m anime-only [17]

11:50 – Sure, sure [18]

12:00 – Meanwhile! [19]

12:06 – Back to the action! [20]

12:25 – DOKI DOKI [21]

12:44 – JUST KISS ALREADY [22]


13:13 – Thanks for taking care of the actual plot, guys [24]

13:31 – Oh jeez Haqua. [25] You okay? Totally didn’t forget you existed or anything

13:59 – Other people who exist [26]

14:27 – Ermahgerd [27]

14:57 – Oh jesus [28]

14:59 – Show stop this is physically painful [29]

15:09 – And yet you guys seriously think anyone else has a chance [30] . THAT IS THE FACE OF A HEART IN TORMENT

15:27 – I hate this show so much [31]

15:39 – Hate hate hate [32]

15:59 – Was there… [33] pff, no, seriously, was there some kind of debate regarding best girl? I could swear… I mean, I was sure people were actually proposing other characters. Like, that was an actual thing, right? Wasn’t just my imagination? Wouldn’t surprise me, I mean… well, it does sound pretty absurd. But stranger things have happened! Stranger things have certainly happened

17:09 – Please Chihiro, give them a chance. [34] Not very sporting of you to add an iconic music performance to your already hilariously insurmountable lead

18:06 – More of this idea [35]

19:14 – YES I VERY MUCH MIND [36] . Get off the fuckin’ stage, freeloader

20:36 – y u do this twgok [37]

21:19 – y [38]

21:23 – everything hurts [39]

22:27 – cry evertim [40]

And Done

I hate you guys I hate this show I hate everything.

Oh god that was so good. Fuckin perfect. Don’t have the words at the moment. This season just got better and better, and that finale did everything I wanted it to and more. Series of devastating scenes between Keima and Chihiro. Absolutely crushing finale moment based entirely on their relationship. Keima actually admitting his feelings to himself, and changing as a person. He can’t even find any satisfaction in what pretty much defined him as a person up till now. Man. That wasn’t happy, but it was sure as hell cathartic. Well fucking done, TWGOK. Well fucking done.

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  1. Hoooooooly crap, all my feelings T______T

    You’re right, out of all the girls, Chihiro had the best chemistry with Keima. I wish they could’ve gotten together, but sometimes life doesn’t work like that. Derp, not much else to say. I just wanna cry right now.

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