Top 30 Anime Series of All Time

Yep, I’ve finally put together a top shows list. As I hopefully made clear in part one and part two of my critical biases post, this is obviously my list – it represents the things I think are most valuable in stories in the way I think they’ve best been articulated. It’s also just a list of shows I enjoy – there’s no hard criteria here, so I wouldn’t stress the numbers too much. Also, it’s a bit front-loaded – I only started watching anime seasonally about two years ago, so the last couple years are disproportionately represented. Incidentally, I’m not including movies here either – I think direct comparisons between shows and films are a bit of a stretch, but if they were included, this list would certainly be somewhat different. And finally, I’m absolutely (and thankfully) certain this list will change over time – there are still piles of widely beloved shows I’ve never seen, so I’m sure the current rankings will be filled out in the years to come. So with that all said, let’s get to the list – Bobduh’s Top 30 Anime of All Time.

-edit- I have now created a Top Shows Addendum for shows that have either fallen off or just barely missed this list. Please enjoy these additional almost-top shows!

30. Baccano!


People have described Baccano as the anime version of a Tarantino movie, which to me seems like kind of an insult to Tarantino. Not because Baccano is bad, but because the things the two share – a penchant for non-linear structure and a love of ultraviolence – are basically the least interesting things about Tarantino movies. And Baccano itself is impressive in all sorts of other ways – ridiculous and fun and breathless and breezy, it juggles time periods, endless characters, and rampant subplots with an ease resembling controlled madness, coming off as a slight, entertaining crime caper in spite of all its ridiculous convolution. The end result is closer to Guy Ritchie than Tarantino, but Baccano is ultimately its own thing – an entertaining ride well worth the ticket.

Baccano is available at Right Stuf and Amazon.

29. Mawaru Penguindrum

Mawaru Penguindrum

Though I don’t find it as compelling as Utena, Penguindrum is still stuffed with all the brilliant Ikuhara-ness that makes that show shine. Vibrant characters, plentiful visual inventiveness, a rich mix of ideas (this time concerning family, childhood, the nature of society, fate, and all sorts of other stuff I’d rather not spoil)… Ikuhara shows are busy, but Penguindrum manages to tie all this substance to a fast-paced, compelling central drama. What would you do to save the people you love? What composes your identity, and what is your identity really worth? The show is wild and absurd, but it stays grounded by virtue of the resonant issues it grapples with, along with the passionate, flawed, endlessly endearing family at the center of its spin.

Penguindrum is available at Right Stuf and Amazon.

28. Psycho-Pass


This show’s pretty textbook Urobuchi – one part compelling fantasy setting (a thoughtcrime-obsessed dystopian cyber-future), one part fun tweak on a classic genre (crime procedural by way of Bladerunner), and one part cynical yet optimistic attack on the inhumanity of utilitarianism, as well as the poignance of human nature. It’s fun as a straight crime drama, it works as a sharp-edged exploration of how society always creates friction with the individual, and its aesthetic is all kinds of stylish. Not Urobuchi’s best work, but standard Urobuchi is much better than most anime out there.

Psycho-Pass is available at Right Stuf and Amazon.

27. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Gurren Lagann

Gurren Lagann is absolutely Not My Kind of Show, but it’s just so good at what it does that I have to love it anyway. The energy, the enthusiasm, the soundtrack, the fantastic visuals – it’s an exuberant love letter to mechs, hyperbole, and hot-blooded enthusiasm, and you’ll either absolutely hate it or end up swept away. It’s also pretty funny (though this is mixed with plenty of stuff that’s pretty not funny), has a broad and endearing cast, and even has one point of actual intelligence – Rossiu, whose arc and conflict possess a depth bizarrely out of whack with everything else the show is doing. Rossiu’s existence is probably the tipping point that knocks this show onto this list, but if you’re in the mood for pure, silly entertainment, Gurren Lagann is happy to entertain.

Gurren Lagann is available at Right Stuf and Amazon.

26. Suisei no Gargantia


Gargantia is both the most complex exploration of Urobuchi’s ideas he’s yet attempted and likely the most deliberately personal story of any of his works. By tying his usual ideas about utilitarianism and human nature to the story of one young man finding purpose in a new, unfamiliar society, he turns Gargantia into both a positive story about the rewards of embracing adulthood and an exploration of the purpose of society in the first place. Gargantia’s also just an enjoyable show to spend time with – the world of Gargantia is rich and beautiful, and the way the show shifts between full genres throughout its run does a great service to both Ledo’s journey and the impact of Gargantia as a setting. It’s fun, pretty, and possibly the most unassumingly thoughtful of all of Urobuchi’s shows.

Here’s my review of Gargantia.

Gargantia is available at Right Stuf and Amazon.

25. Gatchaman Crowds

Gatchaman Crowds

Gatchaman’s a goddamn busy show – in the course of a 12-episode run, it covers everything from internet culture to crowdsourcing to the necessity of leadership to social responsibility to human nature to… well, you get the idea. And it explores all these ideas while also staying remarkably light and breezy – you could enjoy the show purely as a fun, visually interesting, musically brilliant adventure without even thinking about how identity is constructed in the digital age, or whatnot. And when you combine these two strengths, you get a show that proves you don’t have to be dry to be smart – you can make awesome points about how the internet will change the world without ever giving up a sense of fun and moment-to-moment excitement. Brain food and comfort food at the same time.

Here’s my review of Gatchaman Crowds.

Gatchaman Crowds is available at Right Stuf and Amazon.

24. Steins;Gate


Half witty, endearing slice of life, half thrilling time-travel drama, Steins;Gate is a strange mixture of elements, but the end result has a lot going for it. The story is really compelling, for one thing – the tension it slowly builds is released in a thrilling second half, full of twists, turns, and all the quirks a good time-travel story should have. The humor is surprisingly sharp, too – this was a show I actually picked up in the first few episodes, and the pitch that sold me on it was “it’s like an anime comedy, but good!” And underlying both of these strengths is the great cast – in the midst of all the scifi shenanigans and episodic tangents, Steins;Gate finds the time to also tell one of the better love stories in anime, featuring a couple that are compelling independently but completely adorable together.

Steins;Gate is available at Right Stuf and Amazon.

23. Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai


Considering how much I’m disliking the second season, I’m probably gonna have to revisit my feelings on this show at some point, but for now, all I’ve got are incredibly positive memories. The first season of Chuunibyou has focus – though it’s comedy-heavy, almost every episode of its first half is indispensable in setting up its cast’s personalities and dynamics. And once the die is cast, it tears out of the gate, covering more romantic drama in six episodes than most shows manage in a season. It’s also a great example of all the things KyoAni really does well – it’s full of small character moments and beautiful colors, and its sense of comedic timing is best in class. Tie it all together with a legitimately thoughtful thematic center, and you’ve got a pretty impressive romantic comedy.

Chuunibyou is available on Right Stuf and Amazon.

22. Spice and Wolf

Spice and Wolf

It may not be apparent from this list, but it turns out I’m an incredible sucker for romance. Chemistry, banter, moments of sacrifice for the one you love – all it really takes is one great couple to get me through a show. Unfortunately, most anime is really bad at portraying romance – it flounders in cliches, it creates artificial drama, and it doesn’t understand actual rapport. Standing as one of the premier counterexamples to this sad trend, Spice and Wolf is about as endearing and well-drawn of a romance as you could hope for. Its characters are distinctive and bounce off each other well, its dialogue displays great personality and chemistry, and it’s apparent again and again how much its protagonists care for each other. Though I also am a great fan of its aesthetic and economic focus, the thing that makes Spice and Wolf a top show for me is the fantastic romance at its center.

Spice and Wolf is available at Right Stuf and Amazon.

21. Hunter x Hunter 2011

Hunter x Hunter 2011

As the only long-running shounen on my list, HxH’s a bit of an outlier. But HxH is not your typical shounen – directed by Madhouse (likely my pick for the best studio of all time) and adapted from a source by the writer of Yu Yu Hakusho, Hunter x Hunter is basically a master class in what makes adventure entertaining. Though it starts off “only” demonstrating it knows how to make challenge-based television entertaining (in lieu of actual fights, it generally sets up compelling puzzles of all shapes and sizes for its heroes), it ends up jumping from genre to genre, dabbling in crime thriller, tournament shounen, and even war drama. And through it all, the show’s fantastic aesthetics elevate it above almost everything out there – in direction, in sound design, in pacing, in animation, in basically every relevant aesthetic metric, Hunter x Hunter triumphs. That it’s been maintaining this level of quality for well over a hundred episodes is nothing short of astonishing – in fact, I’d say Hunter x Hunter has only gotten better over time.

Here’s a critical breakdown of HxH episode 116, and here’s an essay on the recently concluded (and breathtaking) Chimera Ant arc.

Hunter x Hunter 2011 has not received a western release.

1,355 thoughts on “Top 30 Anime Series of All Time

    • +1 for Code Geass. Also, Fate/Zero! Would’ve thought you’d have remembered that one after mentioning the Urobutcher at least once. Mixed opinion for SAO though. I think it explores alot of areas but doesn’t particularly drive any point home for me.

      • the big issue with Death Note is that the second part of the show is complete bullshit… The way things happens, the investigation, the narrative, Death Note is AMAZING!!! but the way they turn everything… the way they capture and kill Light Yagami… compared to the way he fight against L… please… -_-

        Evangelion is too perfect… the tech, the religious background… even the evas… everything is insanely well developed!!!! as with Akira, and Ninja Scroll, Evangelion is a game changer…

      • why not death note is just too boring ass much boring i just watch 20 episode but the best anime i think is naruto one piece and fairy tail

  1. I haven’t watched many of those shows and, yet, this is probably the best “Top x anime list” I’ve ever seen. You made me want to watch all this list.
    Keep up the good work! =)

  2. I never saw any of these. But m surprised not to see Dragon Ball, One Piece, naruto, Death note. I mean these anime are beyond great if any1 has seen them

        • I too like SAO, but I don’t think it’s really one that could be counted as “one of the greatest.” While SAO is visually stunning and has a particularly good story, there are a couple things about it that take it away from being one of the best. One of the major things with SAO is that after the first arc, there was nothing really going on. The anime turned into a story of “the prince saving the princess.” Also, in the first arc, many characters didn’t get a proper introduction, unlike Asuna. In my own opinion, the whole series should’ve been about them surviving SAO. So for now, SAO probably won’t be on this list. But I do agree that Attack On Titan should be on there!

        • HA SOK??? SERIOUSLY?? THE STORY IS FUCKING SHIT LIKE JESUS ARENT YOU A STUPID LIKE ERIN DOESNT CHANGE AT ALL AND ITS ONE OF THE MOST OVER HYPED ANIMES EVER. all the weebs argue ooooh animation ooo visuals well man FUCK THE VISUALS the story is shit and it should be regarded as such. like even guilty crown blows sok (attack on titan for all the begginners) out of the fucking ocean. screw sok

  3. This is a great list. I’ve only gotten into anime recently, and I’ve been using this list for recs. I think most anime just isn’t my thing, but everything I’ve watched on this list is fantastic – nice job!

  4. A bunch of good ones in the list, but missing some in my op essential ones, like Ghost in the Shell Series (how is Psycho Pass rated better?).
    Also worth a mention: Natsume Yuujinchou, Sekai no Senki, Gintama, No Game No Life, Eve no Jikan and Nodame Cantabile.

  5. This is based not on what you like, because I’ve only seen a few of the amines you named, and the ones I have seen I enjoyed. However, this is based on what I think you NEED to watch, whether I actually think you’ll enjoy them, or at least see them as a standard anime that I’m shocked you haven’t seen. There’s four:
    Death Note: Interesting concept. A few small plot holes, and one or two throw-away characters, but in my eyes, a solid anime. One of my favorites.
    Eden Of The East: Another favorite of mine. I actually really think you’d like this, it’s almost like Psycho-Pass in a way, but definitely different enough to merit a watch.
    Mirrai Nikki/Future Diary: I never finished this one, myself, but it’s entertaining and even suspenseful at some points. Similar, and yet, vastly different from Eden Of The East.
    Deadman Wonderland: pretty much your classic action-packed anime, in the vein of classics like Dragon Ball Z, Bleach and Inuyasha, but with a brighter art style, and a MUCH darker theme. Interesting contrast. Another one of my favorites.

      • Look I agree that one piece is great but I know what this guy is trying to do:hes trying to get non mainstream anime into the list but what I hate about it is the stupid romantic anime all over the list, which is making me and a lot of others mad. However, when you say the top 3 anime of all time are naruto, one piece, and fairy tail then you obviously need to do more homework and watch more anime. I would respect your opinion if you had one of these three with some other eccentric choices. The guy that made this page obviously knows more about anime than you, although I hate his choices, I somehow agree with how he made the list based on his opinions, but my list would probably not include many of these; my top 4 are one piece, gurren lagann, death note, and fma brotherhood. This guy obviously doesn’t like these types of anime and is more into the love type of thing or the emotional anime and you can see him say that gotten lagann is” definitely not [his] kind of show”. Anyways, the point is, no offense, you know nothing.

  6. I like this list very much (no naruto, onepiece, doragonbol, death note, sao, shingeki, etc thats all anime ialrdy known and nice ofcrs), i want know some anime that is not mainstream and dificult to find, but good quality. :D :D :D

    • Lol you know nothing about life. Just because you placed one piece on that list of yours you are not human. You are dead to me. I bet you haven’t even watched it so don’t go calling it mainstream until you fully watch it, grasshopper.

      • dude i mean its mainstream for call it good and nice anime, i alredy watch them all. and love them all. nevr said that is piece of trash and comon.

        • What do you mean you watched them all already? One piece is still going, you know, for probably another ten years, and right now the episodes are getting fucking intensely astronomically amazing. So don’t tell me you watched til episode 50 and gave up because I won’t talk to you if you did. You have to keep going. Personally, I loved the show ever since episode 1 but I can’t seem to understand why anybody would drop it so early on.

      • Someone is salty, lol.
        take my advice dude, stop acting like a child and don’t get worked up over anime, people have opinions ( not saying OP isn’t good though )

        • Well it’s a good thing to get worked up over something you love. Just saying coz I’ve watched so many anime and probably almost 50 percent of this list and I can say that op must be on this list. Everything from music, story, and emotional connection is perfected by oda. Itd just what I believe. i do respect different opinions but I just don’t think one piece fits in with that list of mainstream stuff, even though it is mainstream. My top 4 anime are one piece, death note, gurren lagann, and fmab n no particular order after one piece (1st place). And this is coming from a guy who watched so much so I’m not a newbie. I’ve even watched the top on this list, evangelion, and hated it. So it’s just my opinion.

          • i mean i watch them all that i use for example, not all episode. and i mean mainstream is not for the story or for the all negative things. i dont know i forgot my last episode i watch OP meybe only till episode 30 and im FUCKING LOVIT okay.. =__= stop being rude man, and think positive. i have seen many “best anime list” that include that anime in my exmple, “come on dude make another list with another anime title” <thats what i mean by mainstream here

          • just gotta say one piece was great until the last two arcs. If you think its “astronomically interesting” right now you must be crazy. literally like 6 minutes of plot per episode right now. I’m about to give up on it as the pacing is miserable and the quality is really…and I mean really dipping.

          • Lol don’t call me crazy there are a lot of people who love the current one piece episodes. The pacing is pretty good imo and I hate people who just want Luffy to beat doflamingo without watching through the whole story so if you are crazy then stop watching it its not my job to keep you interested

  7. I watched nearly all of them.
    Solid list, though I have some complaints… Where is Monster, Fate/Zero or Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood?

  8. Bless you for not including Clannad, one of many pieces of contrived drivel that tugs at pleb heartstrings. For that matter I don’t know why everyone wets themselves over Madoka. It was an interesting idea that was hamstrung by its brevity, formulaic characters, and plot (just not a plot usually found in a magical girl show, but that doesn’t make it original). Not the worst by any means, but #2?

    Yay for Utena and Mushishi, though I’d have the latter higher.

  9. I like how everyone is tripping over the fact that mainstream choices aren’t in the list. Of course OP is mainstream, doesn’t mean it’s bad, just means it’s an obvious choice, and there is definitely BETTER than OP out there. I personally consider FMA Brotherhood to be the best anime I’ve seen, but it is mainstream.

    Now about the list itself, I’m very happy about that list because the descriptions are very detailed and inspiring. Aside from Bebop and FLCL, I haven’t seen any of those but I will definitely look up some of them.

    Thank you for your originality and for the effort that was put into the writing of this list.

      • agree with jonathan, OP is mainstream choice, its obvious choice for “best anime list. and yeah its doesnt means its bad. and what do u mean by “I just said it doesn’t fit with the other mainstream ones”.

  10. you have no taste. What about fullmetal alchemist of kill la kill or Sao or code geass? There are so many more anime I could name that would top all of these.

  11. I enjoyed this list, it had a lot of of great and underrated animes. Although, where is Yu Yu Hakasho!?! Chapter Black is the best anime arc of all time. The show was released in 1990 yet it still looks great even by todays standards. It is a classic.

  12. Out of curiosity, in those higher ranked shows, what makes you rank one show higher than the other (this is particularly for the top 10)? You explained your reasoning for placing Eva over Madoka, and I would say that it is not a terrible decision, but some of the listings do not seem to add up in quite the same way.

    I will first concede that it is in no way an easy decision to make when making a list such as this, that attempts to compile a bunch of “greats,” often times with few flaws, into a list in order of “who has the least flaws” or “which is able to do more things more perfectly than others” or “who is able to specialize in their given task and execute it better than another is able to execute their respective task.” Particularly, this seems to be a problem when evaluating the top 10, as many of them do not tell very explicitly laid out stories (I am looking at you, Monogatari).

    Actually, that got me thinking of a better, more succinct question that might have an easier answer: why is Monogatari not rated higher (now that I am looking at the list again, specifically, why is Monogatari not rated above Katanagatari)? It is clearly not the case that Monogatari is a flawless series, but the only edge Katanagatari might have over it is a more well-established story and maybe “sincere” rapport (of which I would argue that Monogatari does not even bother doing) and that it does not have some of the well-known put-offs that Monogatari does. So again I would ask, are these benefits enough to not only put Katanagatari above the Shaftian behemoth?

    • I would not sweat the numbering. Art doesn’t really lend itself to this kind of hierarchical evaluation in the first place – our experience of shows is too complex for that to be meaningful, and there’s far too much you could focus on as particularly valuable. How much do we value music? How are we critiquing pacing? Is this scene emotionally resonant, or does it fall into manipulation? All of these are questions we can engage with on a personal level in individual critiques, but attempting to assign numbers to things like that and then put them in line with other shows that have utterly different mechanics and priorities is far from science, and more importantly, it’s just not something that results in greater insight.

  13. This list is not very good, it is not the 30 best anima it is the 30 best in someones opinion. I cant say iv watched them all but i checked out a few on this list and they are not very good, so not to see full metal or dragon ball Z, (dragon ball z) being the only anima show to break the most popular show on television record in 2002. I dont know if any other anima has done that in the american main stream tv. When u do a list like this you have to take in what is actually better not just personal opinions. When i rate a movie if i only decided to give good ratings to things i like ignoring story, plot how well it was filmed compaired to the next movie ext, i would be a horrible critic. Reading through the comments i see the concerns is that dead note should be on there and a few others alot of people are suggesting in unicence.

  14. I have to agree with almost every aspect of this list. I find every anime on it to be excellent, especially the top two (my personal favorites) also FLCL is excellent and deserves to be at the top.

  15. This seems like a great list. Hopefully I can find something I like here. I really appreciate the efforts it took Bobduh to create the list. I am not an anime guru and I haven’t heard about the most of anime in Bobduh’s list but here is some feedback along with my own list.

    The series that I really like (I tried to put them in order starting with my most favorite):
    Full metal alchemist; FMA: Brotherhood
    Hunter x Hunter
    Avatar: the last airbender (though it isn’t Japanese)
    Naruto, Naruto: Shippuden
    One Piece
    Natsume’s Book of Friends (mystical, cute)
    One outs (sports anime)
    Kaiji: the ultimate survivor (+second season)
    Glass Mask (girly)
    Psycho Pass
    Lovely Complex (romantic)
    Boys over flowers (romantic, very girly)
    Attack on Titan

    Anime series I also like but slightly less:
    Hajime No Ippo (all seasons) (sports anime)
    Death note
    Nodame Contabile (romantic)
    Gantz (brutal)
    My little monster (romantic)
    Beelzebub (funny)
    The garden of sinners (brutal, mystical)

    Claymore, Deadmen Wonderland, Hikaru No Go, Eyeshield 21, Samurai Champloo, Kamisama Hajimemashita, Blue Exorcist, Knights of the Sidonia, Pet Shop of Horrors, and Elfen Lied are not great in terms of characters and are not very original, but they are not too bad.

    Favorite Anime Films:
    Spirited away
    Howl’s moving castle
    Into the forest of fireflies’ light
    Children who chase lost voices from deep below (is okayish)

    I like romantic anime and I appreciate good music, but what is the most important to me in an anime is the storyline that keeps a viewer interested. For instance I really appreciate the anime Mushishi and I do like it a lot but it’s not as fun to watch as something like Naruto or FMA. In Mushishi every episode is a separate story, an interesting story, but there is no character development which is highly crucial for me in anime.

    I watched all of Suki-tte li na yo, Eve no Jikan, Monster, Durarara!, Usagi Drop, Kuroko’s Basketball, Noragami, Hakuoki Shinsengumi Kitan and I found these anime to be “watchable” but not great at all. The animes Bleach, TO: Great Teacher Onizuka, Soul Eater, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Hellsing, Kuroshitsuji, Another, Hakuoki Shinsengumi Kitan, Ouran High School Host Club, The Devil is a Part-time, were a total waste of time for me. I started watching Gurren Lagann, Spice and Wolf, Cowboy Bebop, Evangelion, Ghost in The Shell, Code Geass, Fairy Tale, No Game No Life, but could not get through first few episodes. Perhaps I already watched similar animes that I thought were better. I could be wrong. (there is a lot more series that I could not get through)

    I watched all of Sword Art Online and it was an okay anime but I thought the characters were not very well defined, too flat for my taste. There were a few interesting ideas and story line was not bad, but it is not one of my favorites. Stein’s Gate had interesting plot, but, again, characters were very poorly defined for my taste.

    I decided to watch Revolutionary Girl Utena from the list. For my taste it is quite an unoriginal anime. I do understand though why Bobduh likes it: the music is great while shadow theatrical scenes add to an interesting unique style. I also like the main theme of this anime: the great significance of protecting and caring for others. However, the way this theme is presented in the plot is highly unrealistic: not everyone has a mythical “prince guardian” to grant an inhuman strength. There are a lot of things in the storyline that really bother me: why use swords when just trying to knock of the flowers? how do duelists never actually cut each other (while cutting each other’s clothes)? etc. . I understand that in RGU things that happen are presented as a ‘metaphor’ but to me it is just a poor excuse for not putting time into the creation of a logical interesting story line. I do like that the ideas of sister/brother incest and lesbian/gay love are attempted to be normalized in the cartoon, however, the phrases such as “but he is your brother” or “I can’t be a bride, only a groom” (I don’t remember the exact words) do exactly the opposite and emphasize existing social norms. Therefore, I think that RGU has some interesting ideas that unfortunately were very poorly developed.

    PS: The following are the animes that were mentioned, but I haven’t watched and couldn’t really comment on:
    Baccano!, Mawaru Penguindrum, Suisei no Gargantia, Gatchaman Crowds, Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai, Gunbuster! + Diebuster!, Shinsekai Yori, Hyouka, Toradora!, Shiki, Kyousogiga, Ping Pong The Animation, Kino’s Journey, The Eccentric Family, OreGairu, Monogatari, FLCL, The Tatami Galaxy, Katanagatari, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Evangelion, Fate/Zero!, Yu Yu Hakasho, Kingdom, Afro Samurai, Darker Than Black, Chapter Black, Gintama, Tokyo Ghoul, Sekai no Senki, Eden of The East, Mirrai Nikki.

    Once more, thanks to Bobduh for taking time and effort to create the list! :)

    • Lol, that’s an “interesting” way to judge Utena. But I believe your taste are highly dictated for your preference to shonen type anime/manga. Also it is kinda funny how you judge it as “unrealistic” when none of your favorites can be consider “realistic”. The complaints about the duels … what? Was that the best “argument” you could come up with?

      Moving on to “poor storytelling” . How are metaphors a bad way to create a story? The characters in Utena supplement this themes unlike anything I have ever seen before, and the story in general (even taken at face-value) is entertaining and compelling. Different works of art use different methods to communicate with an audience, why should stories be limited to conventional storytelling?

      • RGU is just very unoriginal for my taste. Every episode is very similar to another. There are so many typical “girl in trouble” situations where Utena is the hero. I don’t understand the need to make so many episodes on the same topic. Reminds me of Sailor Moon…

        Anyways, the main reason I posted here is because I was looking for an anime to watch as most readers here probably do. So I decided to post my anime list along with my anime preferences and maybe it could help others to find something they like :)
        And thanks for your opinion Edowaado ;)

  16. I’m so happy to have stumbled upon your site via the latest in Log Horizon. Between this list and the addendum, I’ve seen a fair few of the shows you’ve selected- enough to make me realize that I’d probably enjoy the majority of the others.

    I highly recommend Honey and Clover and Nodame Cantabile for the complex (and sometimes comedic) relationships between friends, mentors, and potential romantic partners. Then there’s the music, which adds a richness that lingers after the last episode.

  17. Hi! I wrote once to thank you for this amazing list, and here I am, doing it again! (can’t believe how many people complain about shows like death note not being on this list…. seriously they just don´t get the sophistication of the shows you listed)
    But I just have one question: what do you think of Durarara!! ? since Baccano is on your list, I’d just like to hear your thoughts about it (I LOVE both shows)
    ps: I am from Chile so please forgive the mistakes I might have made in English:)

  18. Wer s fairy tail naruto bleach n initial d these r da best anime i hv seen al da rest r bull shit m suprised none of these name came

  19. quite naming off the same trademark animes and start naming some that aren’t on every anime website out there. why not whatch some that are old like freeze or berserk or new school like shinmai maou no testament instead of shows that everyone in the world already no about

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