Sword Art Online II – Episodes 1-8 Overview, Episode 9

My first posts over at Anime News Network have gone up, covering that venerable institution of anime, Sword Art Online. I’m actually starting off with two posts – one covering overall impressions of the first eight episodes, one specifically covering episode nine. I hope you enjoy them!

7 thoughts on “Sword Art Online II – Episodes 1-8 Overview, Episode 9

  1. Really sad to see the time stamp versions gone. Was the thing I liked most about your writing. Let me go back and actually see what you are talking about instead of trying to follow along in the video. Really hope you go back to those instead of just a wall of text for every episode

  2. Commenting over there seems dangerous. I’ll keep mine over here.

    Ditto on missing time-stamp write-ups, in that it was always nice to see you pointing out specific visual aesthetic choices, which is more interesting than saying “A-1 did a good job again” week after week.
    Would it be possible to include one in each article, like a special corner or something? You do get one thumbnail screencap to work with each article, it seems. And it would work to head off accusations of “biased subjectivity” nonsense, since then you’d be doing active positive evaluation of something relatively more “objective” each review.

    • I’m not in the slightest worried about “subjectivity” comments – people leaving those don’t want actual criticism, they just want confirmation of their existing preferences. But I’ll try to work on doing something to simulate some of the old stuff – this was the first post, so it was pretty conservative, but we’ll see where it goes.

  3. Absolute shit. I’ll probably read the next one and if it’s the same I’ll leave.
    Not that you care.

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