12 Days of Anime #11: MISTER JUSTICE

It was really, really tempting to make this entire list out of moments from Samurai Flamenco. I mean, it’s not like the show’s lacking them – from Miami Ballerina to “THE POLLS GIVE ME STRENGTH” to “actually it’s Flamwenco,” Samurai Flamenco is clearly a rich treasure trove of beautiful, inspiringly ridiculous moments. In the end, I settled on just two moments, and the first clearly had to be the proud, majestic MISTER JUSTICE.

Samurai Flamenco

His stare is like the eagle’s, gallant and free. His stance evokes that of Washington crossing the Delaware – proud and unbowed, chiseled jaw pointed resolutely towards a better tomorrow. His bold costume states clearly his dedication to truth, justice, and the American way, Justice Beam always at the ready to instruct evildoers in the finer points of freedom and democracy. Charging towards the future in his patriotic semi truck, Mister Justice is America Incarnate. Start every day with a big bowl of cereal. Always remember to eat a lot of meat. And LET FREEDOM RING!


Samurai Flamenco

7 thoughts on “12 Days of Anime #11: MISTER JUSTICE

  1. This reminds me of Destroyman from No More Heroes. From wikipedia:
    “a gigantic beam attack, the “Destroy Buster”, which he projects from his oversized, glowing codpiece”

    Then again, he didn’t have a shine on his teeth like Mr. Justice has, here. That’s how you really know that Mr. Justice is Wholesome Guy.

    • I’m guessing that was just an accidental Justice Beam sparkle, but that placement is perfect. Beautiful.

  2. “Oh no, I just got home and found a big stain on my campaign-finance regulations.

    Was it you? Don’t try to play innocent with me, buster.

    Bad Justice!


  3. Hey – you seem to be a pretty big fan of Samurai Flamenco, and I’m just wondering what it is you like about it? I mean, clearly it’s great and ridiculous, but I had a huge issue with the show when I tried to give it a watch: namely, that I dropped it in disgust a few episodes in once Mari was introduced. I absolutely hated her like I’ve never hated a character before; the way she was strongarming Masayoshi, and the way the show was giving her so much focus regardless and framing her needlessly violent approach as far less problematic than I actually found it to be. I really just couldn’t stand her at all, but is the show good enough to reward pushing through my irritation?

    • YES.

      If you’re a fan of shows that can balance comedy and more serious moments, then Samurai Flamenco is right up your alley.

      Also, if you haven’t seen episode 7 yet, let me just say this; you’ll either hate it or immediately want to watch the next episode.

    • I think you should at least watch a few more episodes and see how you feel. The show isn’t about her, and undergoes some pretty serious shifts throughout.

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