Log Horizon II – Episode 13

Today’s episode was a derpy Valentine’s Day thing. Not much you can really say about it – sometimes Log Horizon has silly episodes, this was one of those days. The most notable thing this week was Serara’s adorable outfit – I guess there was also some plot-relevant stuff with Nureha, but that story hasn’t gotten interesting yet, so I’ll just pay attention to the main characters eating cake.

My full ANN post is here, and notes (such as they are) are below!

Log Horizon

Oh boy, Valentine’s Day! Time for a filler episode

Haha, that’s the whole opening. “Valentine’s Day! I’m gonna do my best!” All the suspense

“I knew that, though.” Wow, has a character ever actually said that in Log Horizon? Almost meta

Serara wants to trick Nyanta into eating the love fruit

Wow, even Rudy immediately knows Tetra is a guy. Amazing

Also, of course we’re gonna get silly love competition games with Akatsuki and Minori

Aww, Isuzu making something for Rudy. A shame their story is basically concluded at this point

“Newlywed’s Apron Dress” +5 to cooking! Oh Log Horizon

Nyaanta helping Isuzu make Rudy sweets. This episode’s all about being affectionate with its characters

“Coconia fruit”. Better remember it, it’s basically all this episode is talking about

Wow, that flavor text is actually pretty screwed up. It’s like the usual Valentine’s Day love potion nonsense, but in this world, it actually has power. Though I’m sure it’ll resolve in some dumb gag

A tiny update on how Akihabara is doing since losing the magic circle – “pretty well”

Lenessia being pouty, good. This is correct

And then appreciating cake. Wonderful

And then briefly checking in on the Crusty case – “we don’t know squat”

Ahaha, the ominous organ music in this Akatsuki-Minori scene

Nyanta is unsurprisingly the one everyone goes to with their love troubles

For once, I actually agree with Tetra. This is ridiculous

They essentially drug Shiroe to interrogate him about love. WELP

Checking in on Nureha again

“Shiroe isn’t even a player. Just powerful interference.”

And now the maid outfit one Intix is playing the silly villain, I guess?