Parasyte – Episode 19

Parasyte shifted into cop procedural mode this week, leading to a few scenes that were kind of accidentally hilarious in their genre-standardness. In spite of that silliness, it was definitely an easy watch, and it’s nice to see the show finally escaping from the slow, repetitive drama of its middle act. It’s weird for me of all people to be cheering for a show to toss away its character arc and thematic focus and instead simply revel in action and plot, but Parasyte’s character and theme stuff has just not been its strength. I’m happy that all resolved well in the end, but I’m even more happy to get on with the final act.

Here’s my full ANN writeup. Notes below!


“This is who he really is.” The mass-murderer’s true nature. Now we’re seeing humanity at the other end, the worst we can be

“I know all about the qualities of humans. I sure fooled around a lot.” He can see… what, empty people? People who lack empathy?

“This ability of mine is something most animals have, right? It’s just about telling your own kind apart from others.”

Nice visual articulation of these little moments

“I guess you could call it my animal instinct.” So yeah, they’re setting him up as someone removed from humanity and more animal in nature

“I was kind of looking forward to seeing what these strange beings did, but it wasn’t all that different from what I did.” Oh boy

“He might have potential.” Hm

“I thought I saw something not entirely human within his eyes. When I took a good long look, there was nothing to it.” Judging Shinichi’s humanity again

Detective Hirama is still suspicious

Shinichi’s more freaked out by the killer than the other monsters he’s seen. The killer shows humanity can be inhuman

“There are humans who are unfathomable and terrifying, but that parasite, Tamiya Ryoko, saved me.” Yep, spell it all on out

“She healed the hole in my heart.” SPELL IT ALL ON OUT

Yamagishi joins the anti-parasite police operation

Hirama wants to use the killer as a tool in their operation, Yamagishi is against it. Wonder who’s gonna turn out to be right wah wah

“You seem to give their possible humanity too much credit.” So yeah, Yamagishi’s the cocky and shortsighted cop, Hirama’s the older and wiser one who’s being pushed aside

Cool parasite dudes talking to each other’s backs. Lotsa cliches this episode

Did we even need this scene of the parasite dudes talking? It just established they know what’s going on, I guess

Honestly, the best thing about this episode might be that we’re finally past “he’s changed” and Shinichi gets to do stuff again

Murano wacks Shinichi’s head and he doesn’t block it. Hurray, he’s human

Hirama visits Shinichi’s school to bring him in for ONE LAST JOB

Oh my god this scene is amazing. Every beat just hits that cliche so beautifully

Shinichi suggests they hit them with flamethrowers, upon Migi’s suggestion

The episode does move well!

Aw shit, setting up the big Aliens fight!

“This is impressive. It’s like war.”

Ooof, the CG is pretty bad here