Rolling Girls – Episode 7

Fun times in Kyoto this week! The show seems very comfortably in its groove at this point, with each new episodes major highlights generally being the tiny details. And this week had plenty of great tiny details, along with some lovely animation, backgrounds, and a more consistent sense of humor. I kinda wish I’d been a little faster getting on the “the main characters are barely going to do anything, and that’s okay” train, because the show itself seems to be having a lot of fun with that state of affairs – their limp attempt to rescue the Rockers captain was one of the episode’s best moments. Rolling Girls has turned out to be a pretty cozy ride.

My full ANN post is available here. Notes below!

Rolling Girls

And the rolling girls got lost and wound up at a hot spring

“Of course it’s important! It’s a stone that lets people become Bests!” Ai still believes that

Chiaya says she doesn’t need a stone anymore, demonstrating their other significance. Chiaya’s happy with her place now, spending time with the girls

Oh my god, the deer holding the camera on its head

The girls just hanging out and singing on the road

Maccha Green’s stone fell when she needed to save Nozomi. Maybe that’s when she realized protecting people was what brought her satisfaction

Slight questions of what Yukino and Ai want. Yukino wants “more experience so she can make her dream come true”

Kyoto, the holy land of rock

Order is kept by two vigilante groups – the concerts at the old temples are operated/policed by the Kamogawa Rockers, the public peace of the old capital and town is kept by Maikos, We Are

And we’ve already got a Maiko dreaming of rock music

“We came to this festival to keep it from being stopped as Maccha Green’s substitute”

And there’s the rock star girl, who reminds Nozomi of Ma-chan

The Kiyomizu Temple Rock Explosion is the festival

Huge number of nice backgrounds this episode

Seems like tons of moonlight stones fall from the sky during these concerts. WHERE DREAMS ARE BORN

Shuten’s gang busts up the performance!

Oh shit, awesome animation and explosions! Music sheet explosions!

“Put it in the jinxed stones box” Jinxed stones, huh

Oh my god, this kidnapping. It’s great

The rock star girl has a lot of personality

They’ve taken her to Mount Oe

So apparently this group has some backwards-talking speech pattern

“Cover me, guys!” And Ai charges in like an idiot. Go rolling girls!

Oh my god, Nozomi and Yukino falling over each other. I’m getting more fond of how useless these characters are the more the show hammers it in

“There’s still one more…” and Chiaya’s sleeping in the bus

And the Maikos show up

Maikos are doing the same verbal tic. I guess it’s supposed to represent their old-fashioned Kyoto dialect

More sweet fights and explosions!

So the Maiko and Rocker captains were once friends, but they don’t talk now

Yep, they’ve got some kind of past

Misa’s the rocker captain

Aw dang, it’s two of the dudes from the band the rolling girls like, Momi-Han

Nozomi volunteering to help when she can’t do anything again

Chiaya’s mother’s assistant has caught up with the girls

I love that they just don’t take her stupid helicopter thing off

The stones rain down after a good concert. There we go

Yukino hypothesizes on how the stones power people up