Log Horizon II – Episode 21

Well, the kids’ arc ended, and with it Log Horizon’s recent insane hot streak. This was a cooldown episode, full of little end-tyings and new beginnings and small character moments. It was fine enough at that, though it is always a little sad when Log Horizon gears down out of one of its peaks. If only all the episodes were that good!

It’s also a shame to think we won’t get another arc like that for literally years, given that Log Horizon has more or less run out of source material, but there’s still plenty of story to tell, and we’ve still got a few episodes left regardless. Gotta stay positive.

My full ANN post is available here. Notes below!

Log Horizon

The town’s nearly in ruins

Survivors in the wreckage

Everyone’s bummed. Tohya couldn’t reach the Odyssey Knights, Minori couldn’t save the town

It seems like they accidentally left the battle music on through this reflection scene. Whoops

“The Skylarks Take Flight”

Roe 2 has a letter for Shiroe

And both Roe 2 and Nureha are off

Rudy, perceptive as always, asks Tohya if it was okay to let Nureha leave like that

Rudy and Tohya being buds

The People of the Land are used to this kind of madness

Rudy convincing his friends to not linger in the People of the Land’s troubles. There’s a nice sad nuance to this – there’s still a clear distance between the two races. Rudy is in a complex position

He’s actually the show’s best character, isn’t he?


Lots of lethargic people in Akihabara again

And the guy who was being sneered at by those two women is now being fawned over by them? Something weird

Reflecting on Londark’s anger at this world, and how it’s reflective of a much broader problem

“If the People of the Land get involved, things change. War has always been a part of their lives.” Connecting the two narratives – the People’s accepting response to the battle with the wyverns and the larger question of war

Isaac’s training People of the Land troops and avoiding some kid

Now whatshisface, the samurai dude’s girlfriends are talking about the creepy guy. Apparently a merchant

He’s a “Genius of Marriage,” which apparently gives him the ability to what, mind control people? Fucked up

Nice expression work for this sequence. Much more lively than the usual stuff

Ah, it’s Soujiro. That’s his name

“I suppose these weirdos are showing up now because the defensive barrier is gone”

“I think there’s meaning in the fact that you were able to say it.” Nicely put, Serara

“In the end, they’re just Adventurers. They don’t care about us.” Not the best thing for Isuzu to hear. And yeah, now she recognizes Rudy’s kindness

The Adventurers are weak heroes. They can only do so much

Kids are singing Isuzu’s song

It’s good that this arc ends on a kind of low, pensive note. The kids had to learn some unhappy things this time

The song is hope