The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan – Episode 14

Aaand we’re back to same old regular Nagato. This episode wasn’t the worst, but it sure did feel like an automatic letdown after the consistent highs of the disappearance arc. There were some nice scenes, though – the first one, where the two Nagatos “met,” was an endearing sisterly conversation, and the last bits with Haruhi made solid use of narrative mirroring both between characters and across Haruhi scenes. But still, the majority of this episode was more of the will-they-or-won’t-they stuff I’ve grown more than tired of. With only two episodes to go, I kinda doubt this show will end up offering much more, but I’m actually perfectly happy to leave with just the disappearance arc to remember this by.

Here’s my full writeup over at ANN. Notes below!

Nagato Yuki

Title: “Her Confusion”

“My other self does really bold things.” This conversation between the two Nagatos is really cute

“It’s your turn next”

They’re like sisters

“Would you prefer it if I liked books more?” Every Nagato is insecure

“To me, both you and the other Miss Nagato are equally my precious friends”

More peaceful piano. I really like this show’s soundtrack

Kyon feels awkward because of the confession from Other Nagato

Haruhi’s back, and loud

Haruhi’s dragging them into some Tanabata celebration

They go to get bamboo

Haruhi seems pensive too, thinking about her John Smith memory

The classic wish-writing

Koizumi and Asakura have very sensible wishes, of course

Haruhi confronts Kyon about how he’s been acting

“Doesn’t even remember, huh?” Haruhi thinking of John Smith, I assume

Then a flashback, where his line echoes the one he told her at the river near the beginning of the series