Classroom Crisis – Episode 7

Classroom Crisis had another strong episode this week, with the show at long last allowing Angelina to escape from those awful gags that have been dragging her character down. Nope, no stupid age jokes this time – instead, Angelina got to drink wine and kick ass, knocking out some hijackers and making friends with Iris in the process. This episode also featured a whole bunch of payoff on Nagisa’s side, as the relationships the show has developed between him and the rest of the class led to some satisfying moments of real friendship and camaraderie between them. We’ve reached that sweet spot where it’s inherently satisfying to see these characters spend time together, which is a very good place for any drama to be. Keep it up, Classroom Crisis!

You can check out my full writeup over at ANN, or my notes below.

Classroom Crisis

Everything’s going according to schedule, except they need 1.5 billion for their reactor

Iris and Angelina go to some pilot seminar at the space-track

Title: “Hanako Hattori’s Longest Day”

So Angelina just gets drunk as hell

Another solid conversation between the two of them, though not much happens

They miss their flight

Mizuki and Nagisa having another nice conversation, easy banter

Angelina meets Jason Li, an old famous professor of Kaito’s

And of course they get taken hostage

Professor Li is being taken to Earth, not Mars

Angelina kicks everyone’s ass! Nice fight animation here. The use of zero gravity is really nice

The director, Nagisa’s brother, says the event can’t go public, and so he’ll deal with it himself

Nagisa refuses to accept that

Nagisa’s very naturally becoming part of the team, one small conversation at a time. This is good development

A-TEC jumps into action to figure out how to help them

Nagisa’s actually helping this time. A-TEC is a very powerful weapon for him

Iris’s family once served Nagisa’s branch family, so he may know her from before she lost her memory

A real smile from Nagisa

Even Iris and Angelina bonding

Iris panics at the sight of blood

“It’s not like I actually wanted to save you” oh nooo