Gatchaman Crowds insight – Episode 7

Welp, Tsubasa and Gelsadra seem to be “getting their wish,” and by that I mean holy shit this nightmare world could they possibly have conceived of a worse reality. Those shots of upbeat Gel-citizens politely inquiring as to why you weren’t feeling exactly the way they were feeling definitely took the creepy-cake. I also really loved seeing all the Gatchaman basically on the verge of murdering Tsubasa – Rui kinda effortlessly mocking her words, OD shaking his head, and Hajime actually getting up in the rookie’s face. Tsubasa is definitely a trial.

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Gatchaman Crowds insight

“Our Hearts as One”

And everyone making that creepy Gelu-lu salute. Everyone thinking the same, or at least expressing the same signals

OD’s been replaced by DD, CROWDS has been banned

“Isn’t the Gatchamans’ popularity in danger? I mean, that’s not why we do what we do…” But Sugane is right to worry, because they’ve now established a world where whatever is currently fashionable is law. Being able to swing popular opinion is all that matters – it’s basically a nightmare version of Rui’s dream, 100% reflective of how people can’t directly manage their own government and reality

“Forget the V sign. This is the way to go!”

Hajime is NOT HAPPY

“What was previously occurring on GALAX is now occurring in actual society”

Rui: “I’m afraid of what’s happening now. I’d like to think it’s because people are personally driven, but I’m afraid it’s just a passing fad”

Rui also going to Jou to discuss anxieties. It’s nice that they’re friends, politics aside

Rui seems to agree, or at least concede that it might have been too early for CROWDS

Jou says the backlash will die down. “Gelsadra isn’t the one who’ll protect world peace”

“Maybe I should sue him” lol OD

JJ warns them about Gelsadra

All of the Gatchaman are suspicious of Gelsadra at this point, and Hajime’s actually probing Tsubasa with questions about him

“You must be feeling his awesome influence every day!” “Yes. It is powerful right now.” Rui with a backhanded response. Good stuff

Tsubasa talking about “a world without conflict” like a child again. OD responds with “it’s so wonderful it makes me anxious”

“If they’re so fixated on peace that they stop saying what they want to say, that’s not good”

Rui just urges Tsubasa not to rush change

Hajime basically interrogating her in her Hajime way

Tsubasa actually moves Hajime’s fingers to make her do the Gel salute. Like she said before “if people don’t think like us, we’ll just try harder until they do.” Forcing people to be unified, either through actual force or through fear of social disharmony

This season in general is cautioning against too much “harmony,” any kind of total peace

And Hajime pouts, of course. She is MAD

And now Hajime again wondering what JJ’s message means. Hajime has been working hard putting her thoughts in order about this whole situation

She even asks Katze for his opinion, seriously considering his thoughts on Gelsadra

And then shaking her head. It’s a tough situation to figure out!

So now people specifically question others that don’t match their emotion-bubbles, raising the Gelsadra salute as they do. People aren’t even allowed to have divergent feelings internally anymore

And now Gel-chan is proving that just “trying harder” won’t make everyone unite. It’s an impossible goal, incompatible with human nature

“A third option for voting. In addition to Right! and No Way!, there will be Let Sadra Handle It!”

So now everyone will just follow Gel’s lead

“I feel like a weight’s been lifted off our shoulders.” So we’re back to centralized leadership, but it’s Gelsadra now instead of a real government

Gelsadra and Tsubasa sitting beneath the tree of knowledge, a snake in the branches

Tsubasa’s become a dictator, saying she doesn’t like thinking about hard stuff, but that she knows how everyone feels

“Even if it’s the right idea, if you rush it too much, people will trip and fall.” As the camera pans across the serpent. Humans were not ready for this

“This is conflict, but it isn’t bad. Everyone’s searching for their own answer.”

Tsubasa resigns from the Gatchaman

Katze ran from Gelsadra, apparently

And Rui goes to Rizumu for advice. It’s important to engage with those who think differently than you, and these two also share some things in common

And then the smiles turn themselves inside out, becoming those weird creatures

3 thoughts on “Gatchaman Crowds insight – Episode 7

  1. I’m a little disappointed at Gel-kun’s most recent transformation; somewhere I was expecting-hoping the ideological threat he represents would develop as just that, rather than be transformed into a genuine material threat. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, though, since Gatchman Crowds / Insight have tended to argue heavily through physical metaphor for ideology.

    Still really enjoying the watch. Your reviews on this and Monogatari are what keep me coming back here!

  2. Oh look an idiot “hero” gets the consequences of her actions of not thinking. In a situation where you are near a earth destroying bomb’s deactivation button, you see a kid about to fall down the stairs. According to Tsubasa, we should follow our feels and save the kid. Then the earth blows up and everyone dies! Yes! Yay for “heroism”!

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