10 Royal Games Has Been Busy!

Hey all! I haven’t been linking 10 Royal Games videos here every time they’ve come out, but they’ve definitely been coming out! We’re up to close to a dozen Metal Gear Solid 5 videos now, along with half a dozen Ocarina of Time ones, and in my unbiased opinion I think they’re getting pretty good! We’re bantering more easily, covering all sorts of topics, and switching off on people playing the games to keep things moving along. Ocarina of Time started with Neil and has shifted to Dan, Metal Gear Solid opened with Dan and has moved over to me, and I’m sure we’ll do more shifts and introduce more games soon (we’re thinking about the original Dark Souls next, a game we’re all huge fans of).

We’ve also set up playlists for both series now, so you can check out

Metal Gear Solid 5

there and

Ocarina of Time

there! Recent adventures have focused on calling each other nerds for reading books and making a sweet sniper shot seriously you gotta see this shot I’m super cool. We’re still fiddling with the show’s overall dynamics and trying to improve, so if you’ve got any requests or suggestions, please let me know! We’re having a lot of fun, but god damnit this isn’t about us. This isn’t about us.

10 Royal Games

One thought on “10 Royal Games Has Been Busy!

  1. So far I’m quite liking the 10 Royal Games LPs, though I’ve only watched the Phantom Pain ones, but I have a few things I don’t like as well. First of all, the chatter is often too loud, making me unable to concentrate on what the video is showing. The commentary, while some discussions are understandable, it should be focused on enhancing the gameplay being shown. I would say that watching you guys play the game is the most important part of LPs, so while I don’t care if you guys skips the cutscenes and some preparation things, I would prefer if you guys shows all of the main gameplay. Even if you guys fucked up, I’d like to see how you salvage it somehow or managed to really reach a complete failure. One or two game overs should be the limit though.

    Other than that, try to vary the gameplay up a bit. Some sneaky, some assault, some gimmicky… vary it up. Maybe change the players as well from time to time. Other than that, you’d want to speed it up until the story missions more. Particularly, Quiet’s mission (that’s one place to play in various ways – sniper vs snipe, no-scope, or the favorite Supply/Vehicle Drop method), Huey’s mission, and then Liquid’s mission. You’d really want to get to the Africa ASAP so that you guys can do Perfect Stealth No Kill plays since there will be Side OPs to find the weapon master, allowing to mod weapons and get silenced tranq sniper much earlier. Anyway, you guys should focus on the gameplay more – you guys are a group, take advantage of that.

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