August 2015 Patreon Roundup

So! As I first mentioned a couple weeks ago, I dump a whole bunch of words into Patreon mini-essays every month, and I figured it’d be a waste to just let those words languish in the bowels of’s non-existent search function. Instead, I’m going to be collecting my new answers at some point during the course of a month, and also going back through the archives so you guys can actually get to see all that writing. I’ll be starting to answer October’s questions soon, but for now, here’s the whole set of answers from August. If getting a response like this sounds cool to you, my Patreon door is always open, and either way I hope you enjoy the work!


Have you ever had writing induce actual panic in you, and do you have any coping mechanisms for that?

Regarding Interstellar, what are your thoughts on the character played by Matt Damon, Dr. Mann?

Take any four of your favorite anime characters, and shift their personalities across (1’s personality is transplanted on to 2, 2->3,3->4,4->1). How does this change in personality affect the series they star in?

Which Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls idol would you say is your favorite simply based off archetype and/or aesthetic?

What do you make of Homura’s actions at the end of Rebellion? Are they a result of her conversation with Madoka in the garden?

How much more would you need to make off Patreon for it to be a sustainable living?