Anthem of the Heart – Review

So yep, I went to see the new Okada movie. It was good! There were a couple loose dramatic choices here and there, but overall it was a very satisfying adolescent drama with some strong emotional peaks and a great soundtrack. The cast was likable and each got some nicely understated character moments, the animation did a great job of characterizing a protagonist who couldn’t actually speak, and the story landed well without slipping into any too-easy solutions. It wasn’t groundbreaking or heartrending or anything, but it was a solid story told well. I don’t want to dip into spoilers, but it also made for a weirdly appropriate accompaniment to last week’s Owarimonogatari – some of the lines from either could easily have been transposed from the other. And I also absolutely love this character designer’s style, so that was nice too.

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Anthem of the Heart