Beautiful Bones – Episode 10

Welp, this was definitely another episode of Beautiful Bones. I’m guessing I’m talking to myself at this point, because I can’t imagine anyone else has stuck with this show through ten tedious episodes. Not really sure what I can talk about even in that case, though. I went to a Get Up Kids concert on Tuesday – that was pretty great. I’d expected more of a balanced setlist covering their whole career, but I can’t really complain about them heavily favoring Four Minute Mile and Something to Write Home About, considering those are their big second wave emo hits. A good time overall.

Welp, looks like I’ve written enough words that people will assume are about Beautiful Bones. You can check out my full review over at ANN, or my notes below!

Beautiful Bones

Shoutarou, Sakurako, and Isozaki go on a final bone-hunting expedition of fall

They run into corpse butterflies, and then a body. Another multi-parter

A dead mountain hare

The “lethe diana,” that likes corpses

“If something happened to one of my students again…”

Apparently Isozaki has some baggage with a former student

Three girl students from two years ago

Futaba vanished in their second year

Hitoe and Minami are the two others

Futaba’s disappearance created a rift between the two others

Isozaki couldn’t do anything for the dead or those who remained

And now Hitoe is missing

Isozaki grows plants to, er, atone?

She disappeared while walking the dog

“You value appearances over your own daughter? What a lovely family”

Nice little mystery fragments

Shoutarou discovers her part-time job was as a painter’s model from Kougami

Kougami apologizes to Isozaki

Hitoe slept with Minami’s boyfriend, the painter

Aw dang, it’s the evil painter from the cursed man arc

Explaining Isozaki’s hobby. Lol

Hanabusa’s the man’s name

“There’s something I’ve learned from you. The fastest way to win over a child is with food” burn

Some good animation for Minami this episode

Sakurako’s actually getting invested in this case

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  1. Seriously… the only reason I’m still watching this show is because I’m also reviewing every episode for my job. I really wish I could drop it, it’s just… ugh.

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