Comparing Comedies: Konosuba vs. Dagashi Kashi

My new editorial is up! I took a bit of a different approach this time, as I contrast two shows in order to talk about the craft of comedy and show goals. Konosuba and Dagashi Kashi happen to offer a pretty convenient comparison, and for once I’m actually current on two anime comedies at once, so here we are! Comedy’s a lot of fun to discuss even if I don’t generally think anime comedies are very good – regardless of my feelings on individual jokes, it’s always interesting to interrogate what shows are actually trying to accomplish. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the piece!

Comparing Comedies: Konosuba vs. Dagashi Kashi


One thought on “Comparing Comedies: Konosuba vs. Dagashi Kashi

  1. This piece makes me think you should really try your hand at some episodes of Osomatsu-san – as it is an interesting blend of these two trends. It’s mostly a “comedy of violence” as you call it, based upon everyone being terrible people to each other, but it is able to play the “comedy of warmth” style surprisingly straight when it wants to – or mix the two, making us at the same time empathise with the terribleness of the characters as they reflect our own flaws.

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