The Lost Village – Episode 5

The Lost Village convinced me it was an intentional comedy this week, because quite frankly, I couldn’t really imagine the show being this funny if it wasn’t trying to. The show is just too well-constructed as a comedy – there are too many intentionally funny non-sequiturs and deliberate punchlines, too many clever setups and clear running jokes. It’s legitimately one of the most consistently effective anime comedies I’ve seen; basically everything it does lands for me. I wasn’t expecting The Lost Village to be this particular show, but I’m very happy to have it.

You can check out my full review over at ANN, or my episode notes below.

The Lost Village

The bus driver thinks he can somehow regain his lost life by finding his daughter here

Everybody suspecting everybody else, Lovepon being crazy and everyone just accepting that

“Hey, let’s not talk about our life philosophies right now”

“Didn’t he fall off a cliff?” “No, different guy. That one’s Catacomb Jack.” oh my god

Oh my god, they all get completely preoccupied trying to remember Hyoketsu’s stupid name. Amazing

“Catacomb Assbound” goddamnit Lost Village

“A giant Mitsumune.” “How big was it?”

The show’s jokes are actually weirdly well-constructed. The constant joke of everyone being cool with Lovepon, bickering over Hyoketsu’s name (which they all apparently agree is confusing), “how big was the Mitsumune?” as the first question

It seems clear at this point that the show is an intentional comedy in the spirit of stuff like The Room. And that deadpan absurdity isn’t easy to get right!

“Don’t you all find it strange that we’re hearing completely different things?” This guy seems like the one sane person

Oh wait, now he’s accusing Koharun and then everyone

Lion sees… nothing!

“Maybe Mitsumune’s a ghost.” COULD BE!

“I see dead people. I’ve always had that power.”

“Let’s execute him!” “But if he’s a ghost, there’s nothing to execute.”


Mitsumune is such an insufferable Nice Guy. Dear lord

“Wow, I talked with a lot of girls today.” THAT IS YOUR TAKEAWAY FROM THE DAY’S EVENTS

4 thoughts on “The Lost Village – Episode 5

  1. Topping all the instances you mentioned, my favorite moment of comedy in this one was Lion’s “I don’t see dead people, I see people who’re going to die”

    I instantaneously took that literally and started cracking up at the delivery. So good.

    God, I love this kind of casually-accepted absurd humor, but it’s been hard to explain to my friends who have been more dismissive of Mayoiga. Great episodic review as always, Bobduh.

  2. So switching out the viewing lens from psychological thriller to satirical comedy makes the show more enjoyable. Indeed, I feel that I enjoy the show a bit more if I just stop scrutinizing it all the time. But I was just wondering how that reflects on viewer investment and their media choices. I mean, most people went into this show expecting a thriller/mystery — but if its characters actively mock that premise and turn it into a different genre altogether, I think that’d be enough to justify abandoning the series. I don’t want to sound assuming, but doesn’t it appear like we’re liking the show for the “wrong” reasons?

  3. I love how Mitsumune is so useless that not only is he clearly conned into standing guard, but the second anybody talks to him during his vigil, he immediately starts to choke on his stupid candy. Also, the “Well, it was a giant Mitsumune, not something scary or dangerous” and he seems completely oblivious to all of this. It’s fantastic.

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