The Lost Village – Episode 9

The Lost Village continues to be hoeing the difficult road of simultaneously working as a weird self-destructive comedy and actual narrative, but I’d say it held the course pretty effectively this week. I was actually thinking Hayato was going to become something of the audience surrogate in the episode’s first half, and then suddenly his backstory knocked him straight over onto the Lovepon track. The unfortunate thing about horror mysteries is they eventually have to resolve, and making sense would only make The Lost Village worse, but I think its resolution is still keeping things funny enough to be a lot of fun. What a weird show this is.

You can check out my full review over at ANN, or my notes below!

The Lost Village

Opens with Hyouketsu on the attack!

How the hell did he get a bow?

And then he starts crying when they stop him. “Crying’s not gonna help”

He got rescued by someone! And then he gets knocked out!

Hayato seems to be figuring things out

And he once again asks real good questions! Once again, the answer is “just take a moment and have a human conversation jesus christ”

And then he decides to do whatever Masaki doesn’t want to do, lol

God, this trip into the tunnel looks so bad

The show continues to “cut corners” visually, like it’s trying to avoid showing visual effects except for big, gaudy setpiece scenes

The bus driver is gone!

“If you’ve got an actual reason, stop hiding it and tell us!”

“Let’s go capture that bus!” “Eh, who cares. I’m bored with this.” Village group as stellar as ever

Hayato is the guy watching the stupid movie who keeps asking why every stupid thing happens

“So you came back to make sure we didn’t miss this message. Gee, how kind of you.”

They begin to investigate the second Nanaki Village

“If I can help her out, I feel like I can go back to my true self”

“My grandma in the attic terrifies me”

“Every time my parents beat me, they threw me in that attic” goddamnit Hayato

Welp, Hayato’s just as crazy as the rest of them

Wow, this shot transition while looking for Masaki. It’s the little things

Also, the song that just kept playing during the Hayato revelation

“I managed to escape because it was kinda surprisingly slow” god this show is so good

The penguin is tiny! And just kinda leaps past him and falls off a cliff. These are very ineffective personal demons

The Lion team heads for the tunnel.