Flying Witch – Episode 8

Flying Witch really made the most of its new setting this week, letting a sequence of unexpected cafe patrons import all the charm and whimsy an episode could need. I think the first sequence with the ladybugs must have been my favorite – the combination of Anzu’s nonplussed “oh yeah, they come here on dates a lot” and her mother’s greeting being returned with little wing-waves was just perfectly understated comedy material. But the vast majority of the material here landed well, so all I can really complain about are a couple moments of oversold jokes. Flying Witch is good stuff.

You can check out my full review over at ANN, or my notes below.

Flying Witch

The regulars arrive

Or the shop owners. Apparently they have so few customers that this girl immediately assumes they’re someone else

Anzu Shiina is the new witch

Makoto as delighted to greet her as ever

“She’s mistaking me for my mom”

Anzu’s low-key personality bounces nicely off Makoto’s

The ghost is Hina

The comedic timing of Makoto being confused by the two Shiinas is solid. This show is very good about that stuff. Though I’d still say the ending bit was a little overplayed

Hina getting embarrassed and then just disappearing is a nice gag

“Apparently I’m not normal anymore”

And then two ladybugs visit

Oh my god, the ladybugs responding to her welcome by flapping their little wings

The ladybugs are regulars. “They come here on dates a lot.” omigod

Makoto and Chinatsu both acting like kids trying to get the ladybugs to land on them

Hina’s invisible presence is great

This feels even more strongly like a slice of life Spirited Away. Meeting all the regular customers

The Veil of Darkness, who brings the night. “She doesn’t have anything to do until darkness, so she stops by for some tea”

And now it’s a fox. “The usual?”

Akane answers Chinatsu’s “why is the ocean blue” by accidentally turning the entire world grey. Nice, Akane

And she drags a sleeping Makoto there to take pictures of her