Kiznaiver – Episode 12

Kiznaiver ended on a fairly reasonable episode, all told. The introduction of Sonozaki’s crusade frankly could have done a lot more narrative damage than it did – in the end, this episode actually went a long way towards humanizing someone who’d been the show’s worst major character. And everybody else got a sprinkling of great moments, so I can’t really complain. Uneven as it was, there was still a whole lot to enjoy in this show.

You can check out my full review over at ANN or my notes below!


“She’s trapped all of your wounds.” Ugh, the exposition stuff is so bad

Sonozaki is more desperate to connect than any of them, to save the old members of their group. See, that makes more sense – you hurt yourself if you care too much

Hah. I love this cut back to the two bullies already having been taken care of, since Tenga’s still way stronger

Things like these sumo wrestling gomarins makes it seem like even the show understands this conflict is trivial

“Nico honestly doesn’t care about Sonozaki, no matter how tragic she is. But my friend Katsuhira cares, so I’m going to help him.” Perfect line. Nico really has successfully become the heart of the show

“I haven’t forgiven him yet, but I can’t abandon him either.” The usual contrast. Kiznaiver’s plot is silly, but its character beats make it shine

Chidori trying to come to terms with the fact that Katsuhira is finally becoming the man she wanted him to be, but that’s pushing him away from her

“That had nothing to do with the Kizna system”

“I see. So friends aren’t omnipotent.” BUT THE POWER OF FRIENDSHIP

Honoka says it’s the lack of understanding that defines friendship – going through cycles of not understanding

Katsuhira admits she’s pretty insane now. Lol

“It’s okay to let go of their wounds”

She held onto their pain because it was all of them that she could hold on to. It was how she fought the fear of being alone

Aggghhh adorable couple scenes all through the ending