Mob Psycho 100 – Episode 6

Ritsu got a focus episode this time, and what an episode it was. Ritsu’s feelings are even more intense and self-focused than Mob’s, and between that and his generally more analytical personality, I was getting mild Flowers of Evil vibes all through this one. I was also impressed with how well the show is making use of its secondary cast – I’d figured characters like the delinquent or body building dudes would just be one-off gags, but they’re actually turning into endearing people I want to see more of. Nice work, Mob Psycho!

You can check out my full review over at ANN, or my notes below!

Mob Psycho 100

Opening with this sad scene of Ritsu jolting awake, vainly trying to awaken some psychic power. It’s quiet moments like this that make it almost difficult to believe this is from the same mangaka as OPM

Reigen up to his usual tricks. He’s a bad psychic, but a pretty alright con man

Back to the gags, but “how can you do that much in self-defense?” is still a pretty great punchline

Ooh, I love this unique shading effect for Mob

“I don’t want these powers anymore”

“Think of all the clients you’ve helped, too”

“You’re the one who holds the key to unlocking your potential”

The show is actually embracing narrative continuity. Multiple parties are already reacting to Mob’s theatrics. This is good! It’s nice to see some momentum, as opposed to gags extending from a neutral position

Mob says he can’t sense Reigen’s powers because they’re spiritual, not psychic

The Salt Student Council. Ritsu is a member, of course

“I have to make it a comfortable school for my brother”

“You won’t find a totally normal and simple middle schooler anywhere on this planet”

“Don’t try to act like your brother.” Great Ritsu focus this episode. This scene has lots of great lines, and I also like the ways it frames Ritsu’s feelings – they emphasize the crowds around them, and then this disarming street crossing light

Ritsu ends up going to the “Awakening Lab” for powering up psychics

A bunch of weak psychics

This episode is nicely bouncing between Ritsu and Mob

“I always wanted to rise to my standards”

Shinji, the student council president, is also dwarfed by his brother’s shadow

“An elite? That’s just an imaginary persona that someone labeled me with.” Like Ritsu himself, in the eyes of his brother

Wow, this is like a Flowers of Evil sequence

Onigawara, the gang dude, is being set up by Ritsu and the president

So now Onigawara feels the full brunt of social disapproval

He had a perfect attendance record. Again, “the things people see us as don’t define us”

And Ritsu’s powers finally awaken