My Monster Secret, Volume 2 – Review

My Monster Secret is some very solid comfort food. You’re not gonna be impressed by its character writing, you’re not gonna be shocked by its dramatic craft, you’re just gonna laugh and watch some stupid kids make funny mistakes. I’m frankly happy to see it being released now – I generally need a certain density of active manga releases to keep me satisfied, and with both A Silent Voice and Biscuit Hammer having ended, I was running low. My Monster Secret obviously can’t replace either of those shows, but I’m enjoying my time with it just the same.

You can check out my full review over at ANN, or my kinda useless chapter notes below!

My Monster Secret

Chapter 1

This story’s characters and fantastical elements are both silly and charming

Shiragami being such an upbeat idiot is a nice change from many harem heroines

Chapter 2

“Was there a less murdery way you could’ve done that?”

Time for a Mikan chapter, the newspaper girl

She likes maintaining their current, neutral relationship. Once again, kind of a wasted chapter

This manga’s writing is definitely not going to surprise or impress you, but it will probably entertain you. It’s a fine, upbeat genre product

Chapter 3

Shiragami actually trying to set up Asahi and Class Rep on a date

Again, nice the two leads like each other

“Why would people pay money to feel like they’re gonna die?” lol

Haha, these roller coaster expressions

Nice reveals of Shiragami’s past and cute couple moments

Chapter 4

Shishidou Shiro, the wolfman

This “fetch” gag is great

And it turns out he’s already “transformed,” and his other form is the girl Shiho

Chapter 5

Shiho’s the aggressive, pervert girl character. Also Shiragami’s old friend, which at least gives Shiragami someone to talk to

Chapter 6

The story’s premise allows for very unusual romcom gag scenarios. Asahi attempting to drag the Class Rep’s body around to get her battery plugged in

Chapter 7

The art seems to have solidified. It’s a strong, very distinctive style

Class rep’s martial personality has become ridiculous in its own way

Chapter 8

Koumoto Akane, a girl with horns

She’s the teacher’s great-great-grandmother, and a devil

The introduction chapters are a bit lighter on laughs, but still engaging

Chapter 9

She loves sweets, and is also the principal