Why It Works: A Eulogy for the Dogs of JoJo, Part One

JoJo has been terribly and consistently unkind to its dogs, and I for one have had enough of it. Part of being a critic is accepting that sometimes you have a moral responsibility to write a two part article in memory of fictional animals. I didn’t choose this duty, but I will not shirk my responsibilities. Dear dogs of JoJo, please accept this offering in memory of your sacrifice.

Why It Works: A Eulogy for the Dogs of JoJo, Part One

Love Live Sunshine

3 thoughts on “Why It Works: A Eulogy for the Dogs of JoJo, Part One

  1. No no no no no no NO. Tell me you did not just write a piece chronicling the horrible dog-gorings of Jojo! You didn’t even really thematically JUSTIFY any of it, other than “well that’s Araki’s way of showing you when a bad guy is REALLY bad”. But we already knew that like 6 dogs ago!

    Unless this is part of your continued plan to draw any and all attention possible to Part 4? If so, I am am totally behind you on this.

    I look forward to your week 2 report, where part 4 largely subverts the (largely Araki-created anyway) dog murderer trope. Hopefully FOREVER.

    • The only subversion was in Tonio’s restaurant. But do I have to remind you of Angelo biting off that dog’s face, or the ghost dog killed by Kira…?

  2. That was great. As much as I love the serious critical thought that you put into most of your work, the way you write when you’re focusing on comedy is just fantastic.

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