Girlish Number – Episode 4

Girlish Number’s going down a pretty interesting route at the moment. The central anime production is already crashing and burning, but it seems like the show isn’t particularly worried about that – instead, it’s going to follow this cast as they emerge from the ashes, leading their media mix enterprise regardless. Kuzu-P still feels like a monstrous caricature, but I’m finding it interesting how well his ideas are actually working out here. I’m not exactly sure where Girlish Number is going with all this, but we’ll find out soon enough!

You can check out my full review over at ANN, or my notes below.

Opening with Chitose’s fantasies

“She’s a fool, but also a big deal. A big fool”

“It’s amazing how optimistic you can be, Chitose.” Momoka with the ice burns

Sound producer continues to be ridiculously unprofessional to the point where it drags down the show

Episode one isn’t complete for the prescreening event, which basically means the production is doomed

The pros take this in stride, ready to sing the full song instead of the 90 second version

Chitose’s rare moment of honesty focuses on her clenched hands, not her face

“It’s going to be like this from the very first episode?”

The frustration of having to rely on incompetents for your own professional career

Up until now, Chitose has been breezing by in spite of her own incompetence. But anime isn’t that simple – you have to roll with the punches of other peoples’ incompetence, too

The thing is, the producer’s ideas about prioritizing fan exposure actually do seem like they’d be effective. He’s a great promoter but a terrible worker

Everyone’s getting kinda confident now, except for the true pros

Kazuha is dissatisfied with this junk food event

And now they’re just sort of getting to know each other

Heavy emphasis on their social media presence

This show isn’t about anime production specifically – it’s about the media mix, and the people and properties who get mined along the way