March comes in like a lion – Episode 8

March had another strong episode this week, one that brought some narrative congruity to a few disjointed sequences by tethering them all to Rei’s upcoming shogi match. The show seems to have largely resolved my initial complaints at this point, mostly through the natural progression of its character work. With Rei, the sisters, and side characters like Harunobu all so well established, the show’s comedy has become more warm and character-focused than abrasive and tonally incongruous, making the show a general pleasure to watch. While I wouldn’t say it’s the “best” show I’m watching this season, I’m pretty sure there’s no show I’m enjoying more than March. It’s a story I’m always happy to spend time with.

You can check out my full review over at ANN, or my notes below!

March comes in like a lion

“Each piece has its own personality.” The smart teaching continues. And this is a key point in a sports narrative, as well – we’re using the rookie to get an even clearer understanding of the pace of the games. I really appreciate how much attention March invests in its actual matches

Again appreciating how charming the show is letting Harunobu be. This show is kind to its characters

God, this show’s backgrounds are so good

Hahaha, Harunobu buys him a goddamn bed

It’s framed from the perspective of Rei’s annoyance, but Harunobu intentionally doesn’t come off badly in these sequences

Wow, we even get the cat nursery rhyme in full. They really want to make sure the audience understands shogi

His other shogi friends ragging on him for Harunobu’s rant. The comedy continues to be stronger for rising from the characters

His friends are a bit insensitive in how they say Harunobu’s concern doesn’t reach Rei, but that’s very realistic. Good character writing allows for characters to be insensitive even when they’re not trying to be

Rei sweating over being demoted, needing to get his win ratio back up. Trying to figure out what inspires Harunobu’s strength

The show is using Rei’s black overcoat very well

Recalling how he’d study hard to make his father concentrate, because he loved seeing him like that. Wonderful anecdote

Kyouko finally reappears!

Having Rei stand outside in the dark as Kyouko soaks her feet in the bathroom. She is the sun here

More of the very clear lighting separation

They are very, very far from normal siblings

Kyouko leaves with a demotivational speech

One thought on “March comes in like a lion – Episode 8

  1. I honestly couldn’t figure out if Kyouko was making a demotivational speech or a motivational one; was she pushing Rei to give up, or making it impossible for him to quietly give up by explicitly pushing him to do so? In the end I’m willing to believe that she was doing both at once and that either outcome would satisfy some part of her. Whatever happens next, she gave her brother a kick.

    (I think the show did a good job of giving the two of them a very tangled relationship that really feels alive.)

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