March comes in like a lion – Episode 10

This might not have been March’s overall best episode, but it certainly had one of the show’s best sequences. The finale here, where Rei finally let out all the resentment that had been building over Kyouko’s actions and the odd “selfishness” of his opponents, was an absolute stunner, and the rest of the episode was very solid as well. I guess you have to really enjoy “shows about people who are sad” to get that much out of March, but it sure is a great sad person show.

You can check out my full review over at ANN, or my notes below.

This first sequence, starting with the nearly blank shogi board, and then just the clicking of tiles as they’re placed on the board. This show reminds me of Euphonium, in that both of them understand the crucial nature of scene-setting. Creating an internal world is so, so important and powerful

The lighting is important once again. Rei’s apartment all shrouded in darkness, the sun beaming in from outside

Kyouko calls him in december

Kyouko stabbing at him again, telling him about the poor fortunes of his opponent. This time it’s “if you beat Mr. Yasui, his poor daughter won’t have a father for Christmas”

“I hate her words, but most of all, I hate myself for wanting to hear it.” His relationship with Kyouko is tough

“Children have it rough. After all, they can’t choose their parents.” Jeez Kyouko

“But you have it different. You chose your parents. You chose someone else’s father.”

And then we get a flashback to an old christmas, where Rei’s gift of shogi pieces proved he was the favored child. God damn

I really like this music for the match. The tone is totally different this time – that one consistent shot of Yasui from the side, very little emotion shown

Yeah, this match is lead entirely by the piano melody. That’s really nice

And I love this monologue. Yasui wasn’t playing to win, he was playing to not make a mistake. Just like last episode’s opponent was playing not to lose

And then it switches to this lovely horn dirge

And now it’s the wind and the birds, to emphasize the stark nature of his thoughts after returning the present

I love this slow walk, this silence, this uphill tilt. The whole production is emphasizing how he’s dragging his feet

God this sequence is terrific. Just letting it all out at last. And again, the music is so perfect. The slowly building strings and piano

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  1. I’m still trying to decide if Kyouko is coming around to torment him purely as a form of revenge, or if she’s being instigated by her male partner to try to get Rei to lose matches that he’s expected to win. After all, she didn’t seem to show much interest in him in the early part of the show.

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