Girlish Number – Episode 11

Girlish Number had a kinda superfluous episode this week, mostly dedicated to building up Chitose’s sense of dread before she finally cracked. There were nice character moments here and there, but I couldn’t help but think this runtime could have have been put to better use giving us a more clear idea of Gojo’s feelings, so his final turn would actually carry some weight. Still, the episode got where it needed to go eventually, wasted minutes aside.

You can check out my full review over at ANN, or my notes below.

Gojo reflecting on the past. Interesting to see Koto in his old pictures

Kuzu-P’s fired up by competition

She’s still looking to Gojo for guidance, but he’s ignoring her

Chitose’s depression is becoming obvious to the other actresses

Yae can tell Chitose’s not herself – she’s just glumly agreeing to everything

Kuzu-P’s wild schemes are actually not a bad idea professionally – he’s constantly taking initiative when he’s motivated, which is a good thing

Nanami showing off her next song demo

Yae actually asks Gojo to praise her! Yae is such a great friend

And Koto pushes him in her own way, too

Momoka’s actually annoyed Chitose won’t confide in her

I love that Nanami is genuinely Chitose’s biggest fan

“I wonder how long people are going to cheer me on”

“They’re only keeping their eye on me now because I’m new. So what happens when I’m not new anymore?”

“I know that I just want people to pay attention to me. But I can’t help it! Because I want to continue liking myself…”

“You’re amazing.” “Say it more. Be more specific.” Ahaha Chitose