March comes in like a lion – Episode 11

March took things a little easier this week, finally giving Rei some time to rest and hang out with the Kawamotos after two straight episodes of tough matches and sisterly abuse. Of course, this is still March comes in like a lion, so that rest and relaxation was prefaced by Rei falling into a fever so deep he could barely take care of himself. But most of this episode was charming slice of life material, and again demonstrated how well the show has established its general platform. I’m happy to share some warm holiday memories with this show’s wonderful crew.

You can check out my full review over at ANN, or my episode notes below.

At the end of the year, Rei gets sick. The water imagery returns

This evocation of his fever is actually quite beautiful. It’s painful and stifling, but also somehow comfortable to sink beneath the waves of the sickness

The sound design is excellent again – these pensive, scattered guitar strings

A reoccuring dream of going up an escalator

This show is so good! I love this little world it’s creating this episode

And of course the sisters come to rescue me

This sequence is so charming. Rei is being mommed to death

“You don’t say ‘on your own’ when you have people worried about you this much”

“Nobody in this house talks about their father”

The show definitely needed a warm episode after the last two anxious ones

This family wants Rei there, too. They’re lonely as well

The music’s appropriate again – these cheery family scenes get something resembling a penny whistle

Aunt Misaki, their mother’s sister

She runs the bar Akari works at as a hostess

Definitely a slower and more rambly episode. This one’s very dedicated slice of life

“Why do I feel so at peace when I’m here?” Family is what you make of it. Rei’s quick bond with this family of strangers contrasts sharply against his unhappy relationship with his initial adopted family. They prove the lie of Kyouko’s likely belief that only natural families can be happy