Seiren – Episodes 1-3

Today I start my streaming reviews for this season’s weirdest of harem-things, Seiren. Seiren isn’t actually good, but it’s at least pretty strange, which is certainly better than boring. I do wish these shows would start including protagonists who have at least a smidgen of personality, but I suppose that would limit their usefulness as audience proxies, so this is what we get. I’ve certainly watched worse shows!

You can check out my full review over at ANN, or my notes below.

Hikari Tsuneki is the girl

Her and her friend finally upgraded to the normal class, after a week in summer courses

The MC is so milquetoast

“You’re a bit too provocative for them to handle”

MC immediately starts trying to placate them

“Do you have a goal of your own?”

“I can’t tell her she spurred me into trying to change myself for the better”

Today it’s a ramen soup kink

He just acts baffled by her

“Tsuneki-san’s soles…”

We’ve had a good minute of straight leering, here. But it is well-drawn leering!

“I never knew navels and sweat pant marks were such a dangerous combination”

They take a swim in the men’s bath

And now it’s wetting yourself fetishism

Great, a gay panic joke

Shoichi Kamita’s the MC

“Do all girls lie through their teeth?” What?

He starts probing her about boyfriends

This episode is pretty disjointed