Seiren – Episode 4

Welp, here’s the end of Seiren’s first arc. Not really much to say that I haven’t already covered in the review – Seiren is a bland and by-the-numbers production in general, so there’s only so much to cover. I have to assume Amagami SS was a lot better than this one, because people really seem to like that show. Ah well.

You can check out my full review over at ANN, or my notes below.

Shoichi’s delusions are the most interesting thing about him

“Why are you so desperate not to be seen with me?” Shoichi grows a spine!

This is also a very nicely grounded conversation, taking their social circumstances into account

It was actually Tsuneki’s friend Yukie, but she doesn’t really blame her – all’s fair in love and war

Yukie was gunning for Araki-senpai

A human girlfriend!

This whole plot hinges on avoiding gossip maybe a bit too much

“Let’s go to the beach now, Tsuneki-san.” DAMN SHOICHI

At this point, I kinda can see what she sees in him. She knows he’s harmless, but he’s goofy and considerate

“To be honest, I’ve been hooked on taking baths in uniform lately”

There’s actually a lot of sexual tension in this scene!

Tsuneki reveals she didn’t really have confidence in herself

Tsuneki says they should stay friends, since she’s leaving after graduation