Seiren – Episode 5

Seiren didn’t suddenly become a good show this week, but its new arc promises to be more inherently ridiculous than the last one, which I am all for. Shoichi’s new love interest Toru is pretty much a perfect idealized fantasy of a gamer girl, and their gaming-focused flirtations were as charming as they were ridiculous. Good for you Toru, you finally found a boy who can appreciate you for your sick headshots.

You can check out my full review over at ANN, or my notes below.

This arc’s version of the MC is a mild-mannered gamer

Toru Miyamae, who also plays Love Deer. My god this show

“Do you want my pure deer hoof?”

Gettin’ close to spec deers

Right, Shoichi’s his name

“You’re famous for playing games all day.” Oh my god

“I didn’t say I would model for you.” OH MY GOD

“Would it be a piece of cake for Miyamae-senpai’s deer?” Every line is so good

And then they end up at a karaoke place

Toru’s just a huge nerd in all respects

She made a night-vision scope for his deer

He bought her a… special chair for their corner behind the stairs? I…

This sequence of them trying to learn a new game actually feels pretty true-to-life

Seems like Toru has some bad multiplayer experiences from middle school

Toru has a dark competitive gaming past

This sequence with the grade schoolers is amazing

“Thinking back to the moment I nailed that headshot made my heart race” oh my god

They become GusGal partners

Oh my god this flashback to her headshot