10 Best Anime to Watch on Valentine’s Day

Yep, got another list for you! This time we’re celebrating the year’s most ruthless holiday with a bunch of romances, covering a wide range of love stories gone wrong and right. It was fun curating this list, though I probably should have included Wandering Son a second time, since the hetero is a bit overwhelming with this one. I tried to at least create a solid balance of romances from both male and female perspectives, and in a variety of subgenres – the one other area I’d have liked would be fewer high school shows, but I’ll be damned before Clannad shows up on one of these things. Gotta have some principles.

10 Best Anime to Watch on Valentine’s Day

One thought on “10 Best Anime to Watch on Valentine’s Day

  1. i was going to complain about you not recommending Nodame when i saw it under Sakamichi. Though i must say, i don’t really consider Katanagatari as a romance first, it’s more of an epic tragedy to me.

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