Seiren – Episode 8

Seiren’s second arc ended in fairly mundane fashion this week, as Toru and Shoichi headed off to Comiket and then confirmed their relationship through some awkward makeouts. Seiren often really does feel like watching two actual teenagers fall in lust, which ultimately just demonstrates how “realism” isn’t generally the most useful goal in fiction. Real romance is boring, and so is this show.

You can check out my full review over at ANN, or my notes below.

“Not making it to the bathroom in time because of that crowd traumatizes me to this day”


It’s interesting to see a different area of comiket, where they’re selling homemade toys and outfits

“They’re free of concepts such as paternity, maternity, and gender” oh my god Toru

This episode’s mostly been Toru being flustered about her silly cosplay outfit

“Wow! Fluffy crotch!”

“Having strangers point cameras at me was pretty scary”

Helping her unzip her outfit!

This is the most awkward scene ever

Tsuneki gets a great cameo

Seeing Toru and Tsuneki banter is nice