Rurouni Kenshin Part III: The Legend Ends – Review

Today I conclude my journey through the live-action Kenshin films. This one was unfortunately the worst of the three, reflecting all of the dramatic sagginess you often end up with in trilogies. The film barely has a dramatic arc, and the plans of both its heroes and villains make too little sense to harbor much tension. Still, the fights were fun, and overall this was a pretty charming interpretation of the franchise. I didn’t watch all that much Kenshin as a teenager, but this trilogy definitely sold me on his world.

You can check out my full review over at ANN, or my brief notes below.

“Do you mean to bear the burden of all the tragedy that occurs in the world?”

This confrontation with the head of Japan is a mess. How would this have ever come about?

And now Kenshin is the hunted one, per Shishio’s orders. Eh

“Shishio is pressuring the country using various means.” They’re just not selling this

“You need the will to want to live”

He needs to understand the value of his own life as an individual, and as someone loved by others, in order to master the final technique

Aoshi is defeated, and is forced to take up the same mantle as Kenshin – living for those who died

Everyone in this film reflects that same theme

This scene of the men he killed being read out is powerful stuff. Reflects the hypocrisy of his government, and his own repentance

Basically none of the government’s plans make sense

Once again, Kaoru’s just chasing Kenshin the whole time