Seiren – Episode 9

Seiren began its third arc this week, and that’s about all there is to say about it. Shoichi’s relationship with Kyoko does seem like it’ll be a bit more believable than the last two – instead of either being unconvincingly taken by Shoichi’s non-charms or the ultimate gamer girl, Kyoko has simply been friends with him forever. Their believable chemistry could easily make this Seiren’s best arc yet, but the bar has been set pretty low, so that still wouldn’t necessarily be all that impressive. Ah well.

You can check out my full review over at ANN, or my notes below.

Wow, these sure are some panty shots of children

The fact the voice of this character is aping Kotomine Kirei is pretty great. This seems like an intentional Ilya rip

Tono Kyoko is the girl

Kyoko’s the timid one

She and Shoichi both love the same magical girl manga

She’s the childhood friend

Now everyone’s ragging on her for being childish

At least Shoichi apologizes

Tomoe’s up to something

She was on the roof with the scarred captain of the track club

A ridiculous conversation about panties. Kyoko may seem timid, but she’s pretty bold too

It’s nice to have an arc where the main pair are already close friends

Kyoko treats Shoichi as harmless. He’s basically another female friend to her

This episode’s pretty heavy on the silly gender politics

“Are you gonna ask Tsuneki out?”

I like how Tsuneki’s influence is so strong in these other arcs

The Home Ec Club buys clothes. Guessing this is gonna go somewhere creepy

Kyoko feeling insecure about being treated as a child

I like the low-key tone of this drama

So Kyoko decides to donate her old manga

The Home Ec Club tries to recruit her

Ah, that was Shoichi crossdressing at the start. I figured

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  1. The home ec club being clones of the tea club from Amagami completely threw me for a loop. Especially when it seemed like the flashback showed Junichi.

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