The Eccentric Family 2 – Episode 8

This was a terrific episode of The Eccentric Family, but I’ve already written basically every word I could think of to describe it, so just head on over to that review there. Writing about this show may kill me eventually, but I think that’d be a pretty okay death.

You can check out my full megareview over at ANN, or my notes below!

“Ebisugawa Kaisei’s Secret”

Soun’s funeral

“Soun volunteered to marry into the Ebisugawas himself”

“So Mother doesn’t understand.” An interesting moment for Yasaburo, seeing the limits of his mother’s perspective

Gyokuran’s teasing of Yasaburo is really good. He’s comfortable getting ragged on by her in a way he isn’t with basically anyone else

Kureichiro, the other Ebisugawa son

Gyokuran not-so-lightly hinting that Yasaburo should help Kaisei run the factory

Yasaburo immediately rushes off at the hint of thunder to help his mom

Oh my god they’re so cute

All of them discussing what makes them uneasy, what makes them lose their transformation

Oh my god their reunion is killing me

Kureichiro asks for forgiveness for his father’s sins. A good boy!

With both their fathers gone, Kureichiro and Yaichiro successfully fulfill their dream of a united family

Benten gives Aizama a ridiculous haircut and then leaves for a date

The rich, deep reds of this festival are wonderful

Benten is not an easy date

Allusions to Benten’s loneliness, and also her general anger

“That sounds insulting.” “Because I said it to be insulting.”

“I highly recommend you stop becoming a tengu. There is nothing in that future for you”

No one has been able to challenge Benten’s power, but that also means no one has been able to engage with her honestly as an equal, and give her real advice. Nidaime is an asshole, but he has that ability

“I’d be better off taking advice from a tanuki.”

“You’re so indecisive. Why did you come back to this country and town?” She has his number too

They’re both proud but full of holes, and they each know the other’s weaknesses

Kureichiro got Yashiro a new laboratory!

Yaichiro wants Yasaburo to reinstate his engagement with Kaisei

“A tanuki like you needs to find a wife and settle down quick. I can just see you getting cooked in a hot pot.” The show’s general threat here framed as a result of not growing up successfully

This was actually Yajiro’s idea. And he’s planning to leave Kyoto

Yaichiro is trying to look out for the family. But Yasaburo is frightened of things changing, and lashes out by saying Yaichiro could never take their father’s place

This conversation frightens Yasaburo, unsurprisingly. He’s not ready for this kind of frank dialogue about the future

“Please don’t go, Nii-san.” The root of his feelings

“Yaichiro can’t coddle us forever”

Yasaburo runs off to sulk in the woods for a week

Yasaburo in this tent and hat feels as infantilized as ever

Gyokuran has the smart idea of telling Kaisei to come pick him up

They get into a wonderful bickering fight that leads to Kaisei revealing herself, which demonstrates Yasaburo’s weakness – Kaisei herself