The Eccentric Family 2 – Episode 10

The Eccentric Family recovered and then some, offering one of the strongest episodes of the season to date. Splitting its drama across virtually every member of the Shimogamo family, it conveyed the impossibility of living with as much grace as ever. We are very lucky to have a second season of this extraordinary show.

You can check out my full review over at ANN, or my notes below.

“I have always been kind to you.” Benten is genuinely hurt by this turn of events. She blames Yasaburo, even though she has no right to. Her feelings are contradictory, because her attempts to find a home have been contradictory and self-sabotaging as well

Benten and Nidaime fight according to the rules of internet trolls – whoever demonstrates they are actually invested in a conflict (“mad”) is the loser. Thus Nidaime’s “I see no problem here,” and thus Benten retreating. The very fact that she showed up at all demonstrates how mad she is, but she can’t own that. She sees vulnerability as weakness, because she has nowhere she can be vulnerable

In a way, she’s right – if she didn’t have her appearance of superiority, what would she have? She is a magician in the classic sense, hiding the fact that her power is illusory

Nice warm moments with the family and Yasaburo’s various friends in the Thursday Club

Yasaburo points out that most tanuki would not want to be the trick magister, and Gyokuran responds that he put himself in Benten’s crosshairs for the sake of Yaichiro’s dream. Like Benten, Yasaburo is defined by contradictions – the desire to be carefree and the natural impulse to help his family and resolve these conflicts

Gyokuran and Yasaburo continue to have a wonderful rapport

“Akadama-sensei has excommunicated you.” And we only see Yasaburo’s back. I’m sure that hurts him

And Benten finally arrives, bringing an actual chill with her

She sheds a tear out back, likewise not looking at him

Ah, it was a nightmare

“Every time you make an enemy, you must also make a friend.” A much more reasonable perspective than “be friends with everyone.” Great advice from Souichiro

The election has arrived

The girl who has born to dig holes

Yajiro’s adventure is so charming

The Kincho tanuki clan

Uh oh. Some bad news about Kureichiro?

Yep, seems like this might not even be the real Kureichiro

Uh oh. Looks like Kaisei and Yasaburo are both getting captured

In contrast with Benten’s unwillingness to show Yasaburo her vulnerable side, Yasaburo’s relationship with Kaisei is defined by his inescapable vulnerability around her