Classroom of the Elite – Episode 3

Classroom of the Elite got pretty pulpy this week, as I’d always kinda figured it would. There are certainly very interesting ideas at the heart of this series, but its ear for character voice is almost non-existent, and a lot of the mechanics of this story seem mostly designed to facilitate backstabbing and shocking reveals and all that nonsense. That kind of show can be good too, but this one didn’t really handle its pulp all that gracefully. But hope springs eternal!

You can check out my episode review over at ANN, or my notes below.

“Man is an animal that bargains. No other animal does this”

Kushida is clearly more than she appears

Or was it Ayanokoji?

I like seeing this thug’s fear. He has a very superficial confidence, which humanizes him

This is a nicely tense moment

Sudo is the thug

Ichinose is the girl who handles things

Nice to see this episode humanizing Sudo

The main girl gives him a notebook. “I’m teaching you for my sake. You should study for yours”

Ayanokoji bargains for prior year test questions. And Kushida actually assists

They use Kushida’s sex appeal, which she may or may not be aware of

Kushida expresses only light doubts, after the fact

Ayanokoji wants Kushida to take credit. Ayanokoji continues to be Perfect

Kushida becomes Ayanokoji’s proxy

Sudo failed

He fell just short of half of the average, which they decided to make the cutoff. So the better others do, the harder it becomes for you to pass

This episode is going pretty much according to my more cynical assumptions – it’s concerning itself largely with kinda meaningless plot drama, nothing that actually speaks to anything greater

“In Japan, right now, do you think society is equal?”

She agrees it’s not

“The word ‘equal’ is a lie”

“Rules require, at least, the appearance of equal application.” Yep. We will accept rules if they seem equal

“Sell me a point to add to Sudo’s score”

The final rule is the system behind the system, as the first act demonstrated

Even here, “merit” is already a lie. If you have more capital, you can buy more merit

“In the history of this school, no class D has ever ascended to a higher tier.” Yep

One of the “elite” girls has to walk with a cane. An interesting choice, given meritocracies often just abandon those with inherent disabilities

The heroine actually lowered her own score for Sudo’s sake

Horikita is her name

Ayanokoji gives Horikita credit for this one

Kushida seems jealous of their relationship, but it could be a fakeout

And of course, Kushida’s personality is a facade

“Which is the real you?” Bleh