Classroom of the Elite – Episode 10

Classroom of the Elite’s tenth episode continued this arc’s very solid run, easily establishing this as the most consistent arc of the show so far. It’s a little unfortunate that the show’s ending right around the same time it becomes consistently watchable, but I suppose that’s just another of the odd quirks of watching not-so-great anime. Regardless, I’m happy things are going well, and hope Classroom can hold it together through the end.

You can check out my full review over at ANN, or my notes below.

Back to Ayanokoji in his sciency childhood. Nice use of soft focus and overwhelming white light here

“To have power and fail to use it is to be a fool”

Hirata Yosuke continues to manage the class well

They run into Ichinose and her Class B camp. It’s a very fancy settlement

Kaneda, a guy from Class C who got “driven out” of their camp. Seems suspicious

Katsuragi at Class A’s spot, the cave that they’ve now covered up

Katsuragi outright threatens them, which seems… like an empty threat?

Ryoen is the mafia dude from Class C

Class C seems to just be living the high life, spending their money on stuff like jet skis and partying at the beach

I like that each class is being given a distinct personality, which is important for this show’s overarching conceit to work

Ryoen used up all their points on the first day, but they can’t go negative, so now any actions they take won’t actually harm them

And he plans on just having them give up on the test later, since that also won’t hurt them

Someone found something in Ibuki’s bag at night!!!

Sakayanagi, the girl with the cane, is apparently sitting the test out

Sakayanagi and Katsuragi are “a reformist and a conservative.” Apparently they butt heads over leadership

Ibuki and Sudo butt heads too, of course

Someone stole one of the girl’s underwear

The girls demand a search of the boys’ bags

And of course, they were placed in one of the boy’s bags – Ike

“If you were the culprit, I don’t think you’d be this careless”

Hirata lies for Ayanokoji’s sake

Hirata understands the situation pretty perfectly

Hirata asks him to find the culprit, and also to keep it quiet. He’s a smart man