Just Because! – Episode 7

Why the heck did Just Because have to go and make the Mio-Eita pairing just as compelling as the Ena-Eita one. I was all set to have a definitive ship for this show, and then this episode had to come along and just totally sell the warmth of their bond and the power of Eita’s feelings. This was a very good episode outside of its visual failings, but seriously, show. You can’t be doing this to me.

You can check out my much more informative review over at ANN, or my episode notes below.

Opening with Eita’s rescue of Ena

Ena’s usual confidence and energy are seriously dampened by this kinda terrifying experience

“It’s your fault for not okaying that photo!”

“Why are you so obsessed with photography club?” “It’s all that I have”

“It may just be a photography club for others. But for me, it’s finally a place that I found.” Huh. This does reflect the other characters in its own way – this is Ena’s source of certainty, the same thing characters like Haruto are seeking

It’s the only place where she was rewarded for being herself. And Ena is EXTREMELY herself

Eita is actually impressed by her resolve

It’s also great to see one of these characters speaking very honestly about what they want. Eita’s probably impressed by that too

The animation of Ena sniffling is pretty great. She’s so disheveled in every way

Mio getting jealous, and again trying to distract herself with exams

This is basically the perfect show to capture the sense of a snowy morning. Short of Mushishi, this is about as good as atmospheric shows get

Eita hears on the radio that the center test is today

“Why does this have to happen on Natsume’s big day?” Aw, Eita

“I just happened to be passing by.” It’s very satisfying seeing Eita be the big hero now. Natsume’s future is something he actually can fight for, and it’s likely that his conversation with Ena helped him resolve to do so

Love this shot of the two of them in the train with everyone else’s colors faded

Oh my god, this scene of him helping her calm down by reviewing her studies is so good. It’s so real. The very idea of Mio’s conflict – “this day has gone so poorly that I’ve lost my confidence” – is an understated but very true to life conflict. And instead of rallying her feelings with an inspiring speech, which is something Eita could clearly never do, he just helps her reset her headspace by quizzing her on history questions

Eita’s quiet “good luck” that he doesn’t even text. So good

The animation keeps getting rougher, and the composite is still awkward

This mall sequences relies on so much real life background art and it’s terrible

“You always get the short end of the stick.” “You carried them for me, so I didn’t.” So good

“Can I ask him out on a date?” That’s our Ena – she resolves her feelings, and then immediately acts on them

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