Just Because! – Episode 11

We’re clearly in the Just Because! endgame now, with this episode taking us all the way through Mio and Eita’s misguided exams. I’m still too annoyed by their inability to communicate to really root for them, but if you were rooting for them, this episode was extremely gracefully constructed, contrasting their two journeys and smartly building towards their simultaneous exams. BUT ENA, THOUGH.

You can check out my full review over at ANN, or my notes below.

Eita giving Haruto advice on dating. Aw man, this is such an endearing little goodbye

Eita runs into Mio’s sister

I love this show’s main music motif, that simple synth melody with the drum rim tapping beneath it. It very clearly conveys the show’s general sense of rueful charm. Works very well for this fond, melancholy goodbye between the two boys

“She keeps it real because she’s not interested, right? I’m fine with that.” And then he starts running, the one thing he can do

Mio’s expression when talking to her sister, oh my god

Everyone’s telling everyone the truth after the test

This episode seems kinda led by its piano melodies

The group agrees on a snowball fight after exams are over

Mio and Eita looking at each other’s houses across the town

The mirroring of those two continues across the morning of their exams

Oh boy, this building, violin-led melody as they move towards the exams is lovely. The music in general is a real standout this episode

The moral of the story is: don’t make big stupid romantic gestures without actually talking to your crush first

These tests layered over their first conversation actually manages to be pretty romantic

2 thoughts on “Just Because! – Episode 11

  1. No one in full possession of their faculties could possibly be rooting for Mio over Ena. That said, the characters are so well-developed, and the story so well-told, I have faith that whatever conclusion they arrive at will be rewarding. Rarely, after all, does one make their best decisions when pursuing their first love…

    • It’s not about Mio or Ena. The one I can’t root for is Eita. He doesn’t deserve anything. He should end up alone for being a coward.

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