Hey all! I’m Bobduh, founder of this here anime blog. I like anime, character writing, Big Ideas, and pretty much everything else wrapped up in the wonderful world of storytelling. I’ve been at this anime-writing thing for a few years now, starting out with simple rants on reddit and moving on to essays, reviews, and even a position over at Anime News Network. IT’S BEEN WEIRD.

Storytelling has pretty much always been my passion – I started early, writing some fairly awful fantasy novels back in high school, moving on to some maybe-less-terrible short stories in college, and even now finding the time to occasionally publish a book or two. But anime criticism is what I always return to, and what I’ve now done more consistently than possibly anything else in my life. If that sounds cool to you, you can expect pretty frequent updates here – I write three episodic reviews of new shows a week, full show reviews roughly once a week, week in review posts that sum up everything I’ve been watching on Wednesdays, and occasional Big Theme Essays that tackle the major ideas of some show I’ve loved. More recently, I’ve been putting out reader-funded articles two to three times a week as well. It’s pretty busy over here!

Many of my essays are can be found in the “Greatest Hits” list on the sidebar, but if you want a couple recommendations, maybe check out my pieces on Gen Urobuchi or Ping Pong the Animation. I’ve also got a favorite shows list, in case you want to see just what kind of stuff I tend to love. Everyone’s got their own preferences, after all – in fact, some of my most rage-inducing pieces have been all about that exact topic.

If you’d like to get in touch with me, I’m pretty easy to reach – you can follow me on twitter, or ask me something over on ask.fm. If you really want a question answered, or would just like to support my work, I’ve also got a Patreon, where you can donate to either nab my book in a way that most directly helps me or commission a specific, more long-form question for ask.fm. For some examples of what you’re paying for there, here’s a fairly serious one and here’s a not-so-serious one. I’m also available for other commissions, be they reviews or editorial work or whatnot, so if you’ve got a project in mind, feel free to contact me here or at any of my other sites. Here’s more info about commissions if that sounds like a cool idea to you, and you can always contact me at nicreamer42 (at) gmail dot com.

I think that covers it for me! How are you doing, internet? Hope you’re enjoying the day, hope you’re enjoying the site, and hope to see you again soon!


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    • Yeah, I’m in an embarrassing hiatus at the moment, but I’m normally working on my own fiction all the time. I’ll hopefully have an awesome Secret Project to announce some time this fall.

  1. Can I leave some constructive criticism for your blog?

    You’ve got an appealing writing style but the blog design is clunky and not very easily navigable. It’s also not very pretty to look at.

    One thing you can easily do is insert a “read more” button after the introduction of your posts, so that the front page isn’t so cluttered. The button is there on the toolbar when you click “Edit Post”.

    I see you’ve tagged and put your posts into categories, but the top menu doesn’t give me access to your Episode Reviews or your Essays. When you’re on your blog dashboard, there should be an option on the left menu called ‘Appearance’. In it, you’ll find ‘Menus’. Open up the ‘Categories’ tab, open up ‘View All’ and add all your categories to the menu. That all should make your blog easy for a first-time reader to navigate.

    I also suggest you put more pictures on your blog or at least change your header to an image that has something to do with anime. Another option under the ‘Appearance’ tab is ‘Header’. Click that, find an anime picture or a banner, upload it and crop it.

    If you do all of this, I can pretty much guarantee your number of recurring visitors will increase. As it is, I would never have known at first glance that this was a blog about anime if it hadn’t been on Anime Nano’s directory. Also, I would never have bothered typing all of this up to help you if I didn’t like your actual writing – which is the most important thing – so keep up the good work.

  2. A writer who likes anime… I’ve stumbled across so many since I’ve started blogging. Didn’t think it was common. Thought I might be the only one but obviously I was very wrong. Nice to meet you Bobduh! And a great job with the blog.

    Love the title… xD

  3. Oh, thank goodness. Someone on the internet who talks intelligibly and intelligently about anime. To be completely honest, your writing makes me feel like most of my reviews/posts are quite insubstantial. That being said, yours is the first blog

    I’m an aspiring writer myself, so it’s cool to see another one of those floating around the internet.

    • Well, crap, I hit the reply button sooner than I had intended.

      [Cont’d]: That being said, yours is the first blog on WordPress that I’ve felt compelled to follow, as I’m interested in seeing what you continue to post. We do seem to have somewhat different styles of evaluation (I think I am somewhat less craft-oriented than you), but I like that you have opinions supported by reasoning and evidence.

      In any case, I expect I’ll be drifting around here as you continue to post. Looking forward to seeing what else you have to say!

  4. Hey Bobduh, I mostly lurk haha, but I just wanted to pop in and say that I find your writing really insightful and well-reasoned. To be honest, I don’t find themes and philosophies and feminism and whatnot that you discuss on your blog and on ask.fm particularly intuitive. That’s why I’m glad that you clearly and thoughtfully lay out your arguments, and I think you’ve helped develop my knowledge and views on stuff like that. Keep up the good work.

    P.S. I bought a copy of your book. Haven’t starting reading it yet though 🙂

    • Thank you! I appreciate your comments (you’re not lurking very well, because I totally recognize you), and I’m really happy to hear you’ve found something worthwhile in my writing. And I hope you enjoy the book!

  5. I just subscribed after reading your Ping Pong piece. You’re really good and I truly appreciate discovering strong new voices writing about anime. May you have a really great run.

  6. Hi! I’ve been enjoying your write-ups so far and started to wonder, have you ever considered doing youtube videos? Your essays could easily be adapted to video form, including using the scenes you cut up from the shows.

    I know that right now youtube itself is somewhat hostile to it’s content creators, but there’s very few channels that offer good deep analysis of anime (or videogames,or movies, or literature). It’s a way to reach a much wider audience and get a second income if things pan out (there’s stuff like patron that a lot of youtuber’s use)

    I think, at youtube, there’s a lack of reviewers who look at the context of the anime, who don’t just see it as a self contained piece. More people who bring more information from outside the constrains of the show to help better understand it, like in your reviews of the Monogatari series or, on a smaller scale, how you bring Catcher in the Rye to talk about Oregairu. There’s a lot of reviewers in youtube, but few give a deeper thougth to it’s themes, meaning or how it relates to other art forms.

  7. I have just recently become entranced by the world of anime. When I say recently, I mean super recently! The only shows I’ve watched are ones available on Netflix. I’ve watched all of Attack on Titan, and I’m currently halfway through Full Metal Alchemist. So, I am incredibly new to this world. However, I have quickly discovered that anime has the most incredible storytelling and character development of any show I have ever watched. I foresee your website being incredibly helpful and useful in the near future!

  8. You put a lot of imgur links in your writeups so I made this Greasemonkey script to expand them.
    Click the button to get the image inserted after each link for the whole page. Click an individual link to insert its image. Only works for imgur links.
    You will need the Greasemonkey extension to install it.
    Tested with firefox 31 on linux. Feature requests and bug reports will be treated if I remember to.

    • Apparently the link didn’t go through. How entertaining.
      gist DOT github DOT com SLASH SkySkimmer SLASH f2ca9906a2cf8c6edbb6

  9. Warning: This comment maybe premature!! I really enjoy and appreciate the voice in which you critique your anime top 30, you have such control over the words you use and the end message you give is almost philosophical in itself. What are some of your favorite books, movies, manga, or anime?

  10. I’ve just stumbled upon your blog and it probably one of the best most detailed anime blogs seen.
    I’m a huge film lover in general but i have recently started to get into Japanese anime, obviously seen most of the Studio Ghibli films and they are pretty amazing, but now i’m stuck as to where to look next. if you could recommend any really good anime films (hopefully ones in english) that would be really helpful.
    And in the meantime you can check out my blog if you want filmtruthsblog.wordpress.com
    Look forward to hearing from you … if you have the time. 🙂

  11. I found your blog whilst looking for reviews/criticism of Shin Sekai Yori, and read your post on True Heroism. I then decided to look around the site a bit more and see what else was there. Having read a bit more of your site (your top 30, the Eva Rebuild article, the Gen Philosophy article), I can safely say that your ability to critically analyze anime far outstrips my own. I will make a confession- I want to blog about “smart anime”. That’s what got me into it in the first place. (At least that’s what I tell myself.) But seeing your analysis of great works and reading them, I can see I have some work to do before I could hope to do it properly. I hope to keep reading and learning from you in the future.

    PS: I saw your MAL, and that you hadn’t seen Gunslinger Girl. BUT! I see that you gave the manga a 10/10. I suddenly feel refined- we agree. 🙂 I think you should watch the first season- it’s very good. The second season…

    PSS: As tremendous black marks to my anime pedigree, I have yet to watch Neon Genesis Evangelion, Stand Alone Complex, OR Now and Then, Here and There. I have made a conscious decision to not “find them” online unless available for legal streaming, and buying those at this point is even more cost prohibitive than your average Aniplex release. -_- Do you believe that I can even begin to call myself a proper anime reviewer/critic without having seen those? 🙁

  12. Hey Bobduh,

    First, I just want to say that I really enjoy reading your writing, even though I haven’t read very much of it yet (just your general “Monogatari and the Monster Inside” piece, the one about the fanservice in Nise, your Yurikuma write-ups, and one a long time ago about criticism)! You do a really good job of meshing the more “formal” thoughtful and analytical things with the obvious passion you have for what you write about, which really shines through. While I can write well (I think?), I tend to think it comes off somewhat coldly, so I really admire how you infuse your words with so much warmth.

    Second, I want to thank you for introducing me to FilmCritHulk through that piece on criticism I mentioned above (which I was actually linked to by froggykun on a comment on one of his pieces).

    Third (and maybe most importantly), I tried to look at your Amazon and RightStuf stores to see if there was anything I’d be interested in by following the links at the top of the page, but they aren’t working. I also searched your name (well, the one you use for blogging) and this blog’s name on RightStuf, but it didn’t turn up anything. Do you still have things for sale on those sites?

  13. Hello. First I would like to say that I really respect your writing style.I envy your ability to express your thoughts so elegantly. Now I just need to ask a quick question. Above you link your MAL and note that you have short or long reviews of each of your watched shows under a “more” tab, however I am unable to locate said tab. I clicked on your anime list and don’t see such a tab. Am I in the wrong place? Keep up the stellar work!

    • For each anime in the “Completed” section, if you look right from the name, there should be an “Add” button followed by a “More” button right before the score column. If you click the “More” button, the show’s info should expand downwards, complete with a “Comments” section at the bottom – that’s where I put those thoughts.

      • Thank you for your reply. I see the “add” button but not the “more” button, and I believe the issue lies in that I’m using a tablet. Mildly disappointing… MAL should fix that. Thanks anyways though, guess I’ll have to read them on a computer.

  14. Hey, there, Bobduh! I wanted to drop a line to sayyour work is incredible – the “Your Taste is Bad and So Are You” is particularly enlightening, as it makes me realize how I approach film, myself. I’m not a perfect critic or commentator on film – I’ve been critical of films such as Garbage Pail Kids in the past, which I’m avoiding now because it’s unnecessarily divisive to criticize people for enjoying a particular work I don’t like – so I try my best to be respectful. ^.^;; Would it be alright to exchange blog links?

  15. Greetings from India, I stumbled upon your blog and cannot express how great your posts are be it episodics, reviews or just thoughts. I made a bolg long back and am still struggling to get it back working. I will appreciate it if you’d help me by giving some suggestions so that I can get back into writing, first and foremost, from where do I start?

    I wrote a post about Chihayafuru and then I didn’t write a single article. That was back in 2013.

    You can check out mine if you want: https://violentlucius.wordpress.com/

    And I am looking forward to more posts in the future, keep them coming. Cheers! 🙂

  16. Hello! I stumbled upon your site from a post you made on a recent ANN thread, and I really like your review style and want to follow you for future reviews.
    I do have some questions though. Do you have a masterlist somewhere of all the full-series reviews you’ve done? I could not seem to find one and was hoping to browse a list of all the series you’ve reviewed as a whole and pick some to read of anime I’d watched myself. I tried looking at your tag cloud, but it didn’t seem to include every series you’ve reviewed.
    My second question is, do you by any chance have a tumblr to go with this blog? Another reviewer I follow uses a tumblr account to post links to his wordpress posts, and since I spend most of my time on tumblr that’s how I am alerted to new reviews. It would be great if you could do something like that as well, I don’t know how much trouble that would be though.

    • I don’t have a masterlist of reviews, but I do have a tumblr that reposts all the pieces here. You can find that right here:


      I should probably work on setting up a more central resource for reviews/essays/etc, and will hopefully have that up shortly. Either way, I’m glad you enjoy my work!

  17. i don´t know what to think about u´r site

    well, in the internet you can find any shit nowadays.

    the “best anime of all time” is the worst list i have ever encountered.
    i definitely do not like your style and wouldn´t want to read anything from you, i think.

    however, i wish good luck and success.

  18. Been following this blog for a while, and wanted to let you know that I appreciate your work. It’s nice to see anime reviews written by someone whose knowledge of media criticism isn’t based entirely on tvtropes. The fact that we seem to have broadly similar tastes helps, too, but even when those tastes diverge, your essays are articulate enough that I still find them interesting and useful.

    Also pretty interesting to watch your perspective evolve over time. Keep up the good work, onii-chan.

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    This is my blog.

    Hope to receive your answer soon. :3

    Ps. If you ever read oregairu light novel, maybe my blog is useful to you more or less.

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  21. I just saw Anime New’s Network is hiring reviewers, and I just applied! Keyboard is still hot from typing more feverishly then I had in a long time. I know you write for them too, and even remember following your blog before you wrote for them. So as a man who understands both sides of the fence, what has it been like working for them, and how was your application process? Did you apply more than once? Did you start by submitting individual articles or anything like that?

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